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Bird Cages What is the proper way to restore a bird cage?

Question by papistinkbomb: What is the proper way to restore a bird cage?
I found a very nice and unique bird cage but it seems the previous owner did a crappy job of painting it. It looks as though they hand painted it over chipping and peeling paint. It is an older looking semi-circle cage thats about 4′ high, and seems to be delicate, like an antique. What steps should I take to properly restore this cage, and make it safe for smaller birds (ie keets, budgies, canaries)?

Is paint thinner ok to use?
And why do people always suggest using powder coat?


Best answer:

Answer by Fattychronic Blunt
it would be better to buy a new cage. old cages carry disease, it was empty for a reason

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Cool Bird Feeders images

Some cool bird feeders images:

tardis bird feeder
bird feeders

Image by aheavens
It’s a juice carton/time machine/bird feeder – follow the instructions on Blue Peter

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Finches I have Finches eating from my hummingbird feeder. How to get rid of them?

Question by sunplayr: I have Finches eating from my hummingbird feeder. How to get rid of them?
Hummingbirds are having to compete with Finches for food. Do Finches drink sugar water ? How to discourage the Finches.

Best answer:

Answer by Tammy C
Finches love sugar water.I assume that your feeder has a perch? If you put up another feeder for the hummers,put up one without a perch,as they can feed while hovering and the finches can’t.Then just let the finches drink from the other one.

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Types Of Birds What types of birds chirp early in the morning?

Question by : What types of birds chirp early in the morning?
I’m writing a paper for my college writing class and apparently just saying ‘morning birds’ isn’t specific enough… She wants me to say the types of birds that are chirping in the morning. I’ve looked for at least a half hour now and all I can find are lyrics to songs about birds and types of birds on sites that don’t tell me what time of day they’re singing. I need the ones that are up and chirping at 5:30 in the morning.

Best answer:

Answer by Brenda
Hi friend

Go to
Complete their questions create an account
You’ll get an instant access to their database.It’s free(no hidden charges) .They offer the largest database of colleges and universities.

I’m sure that will help

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A few nice extinct birds images I found:

extinct birds

Image by BioDivLibrary
The dodo and its kindred;.
London,Reeve, Benham, and Reeve,1848..


Chromed Bird what are some games you can download on your google chrome as an app?

Question by Chelyroro: what are some games you can download on your google chrome as an app?
i just downloaded google chrome and just found out that you can download a game like angry birds and play it without interent. i was wondering what other games you can do that to. if you know any that are interesting and you like and you downloaded on your google chrome and you can use it offline.

Best answer:

Answer by Adnan Siddiqui
Dunno. I think you can classify a search in Google Chrome to Offline games.

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Lovebirds My lovebirds being transported on a plane?

Question by fatalsiinz: My lovebirds being transported on a plane?
I may be relocating, and my concern is taking my lovebirds on a plane. I would have to buy a carrier and bring them on board. My question is, taking them on a plane, is that going to be stressful for them??? Would they be ok??? I don’t want them to become sick or anything. I would be taking them in the cabin with me(of course I’d have to pay an additional fee for them to come on the plane). There is no way, I would let them be placed below the plane. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Best answer:

Answer by byteofk
I assume you are relocating within the same country… if not check the regulations for transporting animals and birds!

I don’t think they could be put in the luggage area because of the difference in cabin pressure.

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Names Of Birds|Birds of America: Stories (Vintage Contemporaries)

Birds of America: Stories (Vintage Contemporaries)

A New York Times Book of the Year
A National Book Critics Circle Award Finalist
Winner of the Salon Book Award
A Village Voice Book of the Year

Birds of America is the celebrated collection of twelve stories from Lorrie Moore, one of

List Price: $ 15.00

Price: $ 3.89

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bird is the word

Check out these australian birds images:

bird is the word
australian birds

Image by calignosus
i decided to leave this shot alone for a change

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Pics Of Birds How do you sprout seeds for your bird to eat?

Question by photofemale810: How do you sprout seeds for your bird to eat?
If you have links & pics that would be helpful too! Thanks!
I will be getting a Senegal Parrot

Best answer:

Answer by bunhopian
To grow birdseed for you bird is really easy, I used to grow it all the time.

All you have to do is plant it, and water it. It will grow somewhat like wheat, and then it’s a bit of a pain to harvest, unless you like that sort of thing.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Extinct Birds|Bird Medicine: The Sacred Power of Bird Shamanism

Bird Medicine: The Sacred Power of Bird Shamanism

Explores the living spiritual tradition surrounding birds in Native American culture • Pairs scholarly research with more than 200 firsthand accounts of bird signs from traditional Native Americans and their descendants • Examines the legends,

List Price: $ 18.00

Price: $ 10.25

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Baby Birds What is a baby bird in a grape sized shell supposed to look like?

Question by Mikala and Lauren: What is a baby bird in a grape sized shell supposed to look like?
We found baby birds today in a well (farm pump style). They look smashed against the shell and we can’t tell if they are alive or dead. Please help.

Best answer:

Answer by kay707kay
May be a finch, those are pretty small. To check if it’s alive you can use a small flashlight and hold it to the shell. They need to be in an incubator in order to hatch..They sell them at Tractor Supply and other stores like that. If they are about to hatch, the shell will be full of blackness with just the top being white. If there are still visible veins, you have a week or two left. The only way you will know if they’re alive or not is to leave them in an incubator and see what happens. If no hatching in a week, or growth, then toss them.

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Cool Birdcage images

Check out these birdcage images:

Vintage Coal Miner’s Birdcage End-panel – Reproduction

Image by ficusdesk
A finished end-panel of the Coal Miner’s Birdcage that I am building. I got the spacing of the drilled holes off by a millimeter or two and several bars are slightly off-vertical. With some practice and developing a better way to align the holes, this problem will be resolved.

End Panels of Coal Miner’s Birdcage Reproduction

Image by ficusdesk
The second end panel of the Coal Miner’s Birdcage does not require a flat panel board, so the spindles run the entire height of the unit.
Initially, I glued the drilled holes before inserting the spindles but the fit is so tight anyway this is probably unnecessary.
In the original cages, the spindles were probably not glued either. The spindles were required to be removable in the event of breakage, or to remove the dead bird.

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Nice Caged Bird Feeders photos

Some cool caged bird feeders images:

Winter meal
caged bird feeders

Image by Observe The Banana

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Birds|Bird Sense: What It's Like to Be a Bird

Bird Sense: What It’s Like to Be a Bird

What is going on inside the head of a nightingale as it sings, and how does its brain improvise? How do desert birds detect rain hundreds of kilometers away? How do birds navigate by using an innate magnetic compass? Tracing the history of how our kn

List Price: $ 16.00

Price: $ 7.27

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Cool Australian Birds images

A few nice australian birds images I found:

fig bird
australian birds

Image by Jim Bendon
Male figbird south of cairns, Queensland

Local bird
australian birds

Image by marcusfrieze
Not sure what its called

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Bird Suet|Stokes Beginner's Guide to Bird Feeding

Stokes Beginner’s Guide to Bird Feeding

Copiously illustrated with maps, line drawings, and full-color photographs, this large format paperback book contains the essential information that backyard nature enthusiasts want and need — to select feeders and understand the basics of birdfeedi

List Price: $ 9.99

Price: $ 0.92

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Bird Pictures Where to find spoonbill birds in south Florida?

Question by Kelley: Where to find spoonbill birds in south Florida?
I love bird watching and picture taking. I resently had the opertunity to rescue a young spoonbill that was just walking around and looked sick in Miami. Wow! A real spoonbill right in my hands. The wild life center took it in with open arms when i arived with it..

Now Id like to take some pictures of them in the wild. Does anyone know of a good place where I can take pictures of them in action, hunting, feeding there young and in a group?

Thanks so much for your time:)

Best answer:

Answer by gail
You might really enjoy a local bird club. Try a google search w a phrase like “birding clubs in” whatever town you live in. Or check for Audubon chapters in Florida: More info on birding sites in FL:

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Finch Bird Feeders|The American Heritage Dictionary for Learners of English

The American Heritage Dictionary for Learners of English

List Price: $ 24.00

Price: $ 4.78

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Bird Facts|Birds (Facts at Your Fingertips)

Birds (Facts at Your Fingertips)

A giant-format celebration of birds in art from Audubon to Wolf From the world's great collections of ornithological art, this giant book showcases exquisite, vibrant images of nature’s most beautiful birds. Ranging from intricately detailed draw

List Price: $ 35.65

Price: $ 31.65

The United States of America: A State-by-State Guide

This portable state-by-state guide, superbly illustrated in watercolor, identifies each state’s official state bird, flower, and insect along with other fun facts and points of interest.

This book exhibits all of the diversity of the American

List Price: $ 7.99

Price: $ 4.00

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Birdcage Is it safe to paint a birdcage?

Question by shirleykins: Is it safe to paint a birdcage?
I’ve got a fancy white birdcage with some kind of rubber coating. It sat on the porch empty for awhile and now rust is coming through.

Best answer:

Answer by Emma
NO, i would not paint it! the chemicals in the paint, could seriously damage your bird. A little rusting is fine, please do not paint it.

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Thistle Bird Feeder Q&A: Is the birdseed Costco sells for bird feeders good quality and worth it?

Question by Happy Mom: Is the birdseed Costco sells for bird feeders good quality and worth it?
I tried it once, and it seemed like a lot of birds pushed a lot of the seed out of the feeder seeking a different kind in the mix. Probably made the chipmunks happy!

Best answer:

Answer by whateverbabe

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Chromed Bird How do I get Angry Birds for PS3?

Question by Daronte: How do I get Angry Birds for PS3?
I heard that it was released for PS3 in January. I have it for my iPad and Google Chrome but I don’t know how to get it on PS3. Is it a download or an actual game I have to buy from stores?

Best answer:

Answer by Jon
its a download found in the playstation store. Its under the “minis” section.

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Use what talents you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best. Henry Van Dyke

Some cool finch bird feeders images:

Use what talents you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best. Henry Van Dyke
finch bird feeders

Image by katerha
Playing with layers and filters. Snapped this finch while he was at the bird feeder this afternoon.

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Bird Identification How can I identify birds through their calls. Please help me?

Question by kamaso06: How can I identify birds through their calls. Please help me?
I would like to have a copy of bird calls for easy identification during field work. I am here in Palawan, Philippines.

Best answer:

Answer by lorikae99
There are tape recordings and CDs out there that play a bird call and then tell you what bird that was. Memorizing these and going out into the field with someone educated in ornithology (the study of birds) are the only ways I’ve ever heard of for learning to match the calls with the species of bird.


If you are looking to buy a CD or tape, you can try looking on the National (U.S.) Audubon Society’s webpage (, or entering a keyword search on

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Buy Birds|The Birds of Costa Rica: A Field Guide (Zona Tropical Publications) Reviews

The Birds of Costa Rica: A Field Guide (Zona Tropical Publications)

“Graced with bounteous natural beauty, a stable democratic government, and friendly citizens, Costa Rica has become a popular destination for travelers from all over the world. Birds play a prominent role in attracting visitors, too. The shimmering q

List Price: $ 29.95

Price: $ 17.95

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088/365 Bob's alive!?!

Check out these parrot rescue images:

088/365 Bob’s alive!?!
parrot rescue

Image by david anderson : da-photography
Seems as though all that was lost was Bob’s hat. He’s escaped the clutches of the Cephalopods and made his way to a tiny spit of sand. All he can do now is watch the stars, wait and hope that friendly faces rescue him…

Setup shot:

OK – mucho props to Lighthack for this shot which is the inspiration (ok, shameless rip) for my 365. However, it doesn’t stop there, another of his excellent qualities is his setup shots, witness here: for the goodness.

Now, my starry, starry night isn’t anything like as subtle, but I’m well pleased that someone put the idea up for me to find. Tungsten white balance, the very idea! :-)

Strobist: 430EXII onto crumpled foil for the background. 430EXII with CTO gel in a snoot to light Bob, and the camera white balance set to ‘Tungsten’ to give the blue cast to the background. Witness!

Parrot cichlid
parrot rescue

Image by LHG Creative Photography
Pretty picture, but a very deformed and unhealthy hybridisation of fish species.

I only had this one cos it was a rescue. In terms of personality they were a pleasant enough fish to own, but escalating deformity claimed their lives four years into ownership. People should not produce these fish, its an aberration to every principle of natural evolution. Between the deformed mouth and jawline the indentiture at the back of the skull, the deformed ribcage and spinal structure, the metabolic tendancy to retain lethal levels of fat, and the poor gill structure in the males that lead to abrasion and infection, well, as far as I’m concerned anyone force breeding this is a world class bastard and animal abuser. There must be a million fish species to choose from that are aquarium suitable, all shapes, all sizes, all colours, and all we can do is create superficially cute but intensely deformed fish like these who suffer terrible lives.

The guys are the living proof that mankind knows nothing about the art of creation. We meddle, but we will never be the gifted artist that mother nature herself is. Without her patience we have not her gift of temperance and in our rush to manipulate and to change things quickly, all we ever do is create sufferring. When I see people breeding the worst of these fish from flowerhorns to parrots and label them masterpieces, I can’t help but think, how retarded that is. The cruelest devil in hell could do a better job. All we did was take an intelligent cichlid mind and encase it in a deformed and malfunctioning body to ensure it suffers its whole life.

I don’t use the term lightly, but people who breed these are by every rationale and viewpoint I know, unrepentantly and deliberately blind and completely evil. Stupidity is no excuse and the creation of this fish can never be rationalised away. If you happened to see the human equivalent of this, and perhaps see some sicko deliberately producing deformed children for sale, I think even the most pacifist among us might pick up a shotgun and go looking for the bastard.

"Its just a fish" people say. And your just a primate. What does it matter? If I was about to shoot some bastard in the face for the wrong they do, they had better mount a better defence than just mention the species they belong to. Just the same as if I choose help my fellow man its not because of what they are but who they are that matters. Compassion goes to the innocent first in my book.

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Cool Caged Bird Feeders images

Check out these caged bird feeders images:

caged bird feeders

Image by theloushe

White Breasted Nuthatch – USA Birds
caged bird feeders

Image by Glyn Lowe Photoworks
White Breasted Nuthatch – Sitta carolinensis – Huntley Meadows Park -Virginia – USA Birds.

More At:

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Cool Chromed Bird images

Check out these chromed bird images:

Vintage T-Bird – sea green hood
chromed bird

Image by Jill Clardy
beautifully restored 1956 Thunderbird with sea green paint job and polished chrome

Tags:bird, Chromed, Cool, images

Nice Birdfeeders photos

Check out these birdfeeders images:

Destroyed birdfeeder, 6 April 2012

Image by mmwm

Tags:Birdfeeders, Nice, photos

Cool Birds Eye images

Check out these birds eye images:

Birds eye
birds eye

Image by Dale M Moore
Trying out my new Macro lens!

Tags:Birds, Cool, images

Birdfeeder Feeding Pigeons in a Safe Place Away From Cats?

Question by kbilyak04: Feeding Pigeons in a Safe Place Away From Cats?
I have a birdfeeder in my backyard which hangs from the roof, but I also feed the pigeons back there. I have just been throwing seed on the ground for the Pigeons, but this has attracted the neighbors cats. How can I feed the pigeons and have them be safe from the cats?
I actually tried to throw some seed on the roof where they hang out, but the roof is slanted and all of the seed rolled into the gutter…….not the smartest thing I have ever done.

Best answer:

Answer by Jessette
Just like you do the other bird feeder. Just get another birdfeeder and attach it to your roof and put the seed in there. They will eat from there, especially if they see you putting it in there. Or maybe even throw it on the roof! j/k Good Luck

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Flightless Birds What was the largest flightless bird?

Question by GW: What was the largest flightless bird?
I am not determining the largest bird by weight, but by overall size! Which of these was the largest Flightless Bird:

1. Aepyornis & Dromornis (Both were same size and weight)
2. Kelenken (Largest Terror Bird)
3. Brontornis (Terror Bird)

Best answer:

Answer by Sophie
a penguin

What do you think? Answer below!

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Pics Of Birds Q&A: What type of bird tattoo should I get for the meaning of freedom?

Question by LovetheSoldier.HatetheWar: What type of bird tattoo should I get for the meaning of freedom?
What type of bird tattoo should I get for the meaning of freedom? or What is a good tattoo that has a meaning of freedom?

Yes, i put this question up already i would just like to get as many answers as possible.

Best answer:

Answer by Sarihime

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Tags:bird, Birds, Freedom, meaning, Pics, should, tattoo, type

Cornell Lab Of Ornithology|National Geographic Pocket Guide to the Birds of North America

National Geographic Pocket Guide to the Birds of North America

This fun, affordable, beautifully illustrated introduction to birding is like taking a walk with National Geographic’s birding experts. Of this book’s 192 pages, 160 are devoted to North America’s top species, one per page, from the lowly House Wren

List Price: $ 12.95

Price: $ 7.32

Tags:America, Birds, Cornell, Geographic, Guide, north, Ornithology|National, Pocket

Blue Jay Bird Q&A: What is the purpose of a blue jay's color and feathers?

blue jay bird
by wjklos

Question by Nathan: What is the purpose of a blue jay’s color and feathers?
What does the blue jays color or wing specifically help it do?

Best answer:

Answer by Stephane
Is this a serious question or a Troll’s?

Wings are mainly and obviously for flying purpose!

As for the color, Blue jays are really grey but the light shining through their feathers will show blue, just like the sky is not really blue but, looking through the atmosphere, light makes it look blue.

Most of the time, bright colors indicate a healthy bird but, for Blue Jays, it might be a bit different, I couldn’t tell for sure

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Cool Thistle Bird Seed images

A few nice thistle bird seed images I found:

Mr. and Mrs. Goldfinch at the Supper Table
thistle bird seed

Image by pmarkham
Goldfinches are one of my favorite birds. Their yellow plumage is so happy looking. I caught this pair feeding off of black thistle seeds from a feed sock hanging on a tree in my front yard. Yes — that’s my car in the background. So much for back to nature!

Diligent Farmer on His Tractor
thistle bird seed

Image by CaptPiper
Farmers feel this need to keep their fallow fields mowed. I prefer to leave them natural in their resting state. Think of all the finches feasting on those thistle seeds; all the monarch larvae feeding on the milkweed; all the spiders going about their business, lacing the flowers with circular webs that catch the dew; buzzing bees milking every blossom to make honey. Why must they mow? I understand that if they never mow, trees will grow and they must preserve the field for crops, but they could wait a long time between mowings and still do that.

If you notice some strangeness to this photo, I faked the sky. The original sky was colorless, almost white. So I cut that out and replaced it with the sky from another photo. It didn’t work all that great. The farmer looks like a cartoon. The bird was with the farmer in the original photo.

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