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Bird Feeders How do I keep deer out of my bird feeders and flowers using tobacco?

Question by Judie: How do I keep deer out of my bird feeders and flowers using tobacco?
I have a very small front yard. I plant flowers each spring & keep bird feeders up all year. The deer come into my yard & eat my flower buds & any bird seed. They tip up the feeders to let the seed fall out. I have heard that using tobacco can stop them from coming in my yard. How do I do this? Will this harm my flowers or keep birds away from the feeders? Thank you, Judie

Best answer:

Answer by mythili.mandadi
put something like carrots (somat that deer like to eat) outside the are of the birdfeeder and build like a fence that too high for ‘em to jump

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Lovebirds How to tame a pair of lovebirds?

Question by isisrocca82: How to tame a pair of lovebirds?
I recently purchased a pair of lovebirds. I would like them to feel comfortable enough with me that they could pearch on my hand and shoulder. Is this possiable with a pair?

They do have their wings clipped, but they are terrified to come out of their cage, or even come anywhere near me presently. I know that when I approach I need to be slow and steady, also using a soft tone of voice.

Any pointers? About how long does it take to tame peach-faced lovebirds? Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Lady G
OK, first things first: let them be comfortable in their cages.
Don’t give them strange foods, it will scare them.
Don’t force them to come out: when you’re in the room and it’s safe, leave the cage door open and just sit around calmly, for example while you’re working at your desk or reading. Leave snacks that they like around you, they will eventually come out.

The best thing you can do is go to and register (it’s free). It’s a great community where you can ask questions and real lovie owners and/or breeders will answer you to the best of their knowledge. I’m registered there and they’ve all been a real help (I have a 5 month old lovie, who’s quite a handful). You can browse through previous threads (questions) to get answers too.

Good luck and don’t give up hope, it WILL take time! =)

****EDIT: I see you’ve asked this question before and someone else also recommended lovebirdsplus. Follow the link, it’s great, I would really, honestly be lost without it!! =)

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Goldfinch Why is the Goldfinch the only finch that can eat upside down?

Question by shaboom2k: Why is the Goldfinch the only finch that can eat upside down?
I live in So. Calif and have recently become interested in bird feeding. I have feeders for thistle that finches like and have heard that the Goldfinch (vs the common Housefinch) can eat upside down. There are feeders that accomodate this trait just for the Goldfinch without attracting the Housefinch. Does the Goldfinch range include So. Calif and will this special feeder induce them to feed? Finally, what is it about the Goldfinch that enables it to eat upside down while the other finches cannot?

Best answer:

Answer by cars
I’m not sure but you should look it up on Sorry you can’t just click on that. You will have to type it.

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Parakeets For Sale Q&A: Parakeets for Sale?

Question by summer_fizz90: Parakeets for Sale?
Looking for a website where they may have current parakeets for sale…????

ps. i know…buying a parakeet over the internet isnt good. Im just looking…

thnx :]

Best answer:

Answer by Tiffany P
There are a lot of parakeets up for adoption, which is a pretty good option:

Adopting a pet rather than purchasing it helps to fund adoption agencies and keeps those animals from being euthanized.

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Love Birds|Lovebirds (Barron's Complete Pet Owner's Manuals)

Lovebirds (Barron’s Complete Pet Owner’s Manuals)

Lovebirds are found in a variety of vivid colors in their native tropical habitats. Though they are often kept as pairs, lovebirds also thrive when kept alone. Heavily illustrated with vivid color photos and instructive line art, Barron’s Complete P

List Price: $ 8.99

Price: $ 2.33

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Birding Where are good birding locations in or near London?

Question by muncie birder: Where are good birding locations in or near London?
I will be in London for several days on my way to Estonia in May. Where can I go that is in London or within a couple of hours by rail to look for birds and what are ones I should see.

Best answer:

Answer by David S
Firstly in the London area itself. I would recommend both Hampstead Heath and Richmond Park. The nearest Underground stations to Hampstead Heath are Golders Green,Hampstead or Highgate. Its a huge area of grassland and woodland containing all the more common breeds of British birds plus the raptors Kestrels and Sparrowhawks and many other vistors at migration time in Spring and Autumn. If you are going to Richmond Park catch an SWT train from Waterloo Station or the District Line of the Underground; the park is about 1 mile from Richmond Station – walk through the shopping centre and up Richmond Hill. Richmond Park is a national nature reserve and is huge with many very old trees and as well the birds you’ll see on Hampstead Heath, it has a particularly large amount of Green Woodpeckers and is also the home of a huge colony of Green Parakeets which escaped from captivity over 20 years ago and have bred in Richmond Park with enormous success.
Outside London why not visit the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds reserve at Pulborough Brooks West Sussex. This is a wetland reserve at the foot of the chalk downland the South Downs. Its a beautiful location for birds favouring wetlands; you might also see the raptor the Buzzard,
and in May at least hear the Cuckoo. Take the train to Pulborough from London Victoria; they run every 30 minutes
(hourly on Sundays) and the journey takes 75 minutes; there is a public footpath from Pulborough Village to the reserve.
I would suggest obtaining Ordnance Survey Landranger Map
Sheet 197 ‘Chichester & the South Downs’

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Hummingbirds hummingbirds?

Question by sistertobin: hummingbirds?
what do hummingbirds like? i have had a hummingbird come in my yard a couple of times. i dont even have have any flowers. what can i do to attract them? does anyone know how i can make a homemade hummingbird feeder?

Best answer:

Answer by kixlover831
birdfeeder u can find it at petco. or somewhere else cheeper…i dunno how to make a bird feeder sorry. maybe a small milk carton with a string attached to a tree… :)

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Bird Table|Kitchen Table Bird Book Reviews

Kitchen Table Bird Book

The birds depicted in this book are arranged according to size, moving from the smallest birds in the front of the book to the largest at the back. Size here is determined by body length alone, and you’ll see that measurement, in inches printed in th

List Price: $ 15.95

Price: $ 39.99

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Bird Cage

A few nice bird cages images I found:

Bird Cage
bird cages

Image by Timm Suess
Bird cage in a store in the ghost city of Pripyat near Chernobyl

For the story behind the picture: Read the Chernobyl Journal on

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Cockatiel What type of female cockatiel would mate with an albino cockatiel?

Question by : What type of female cockatiel would mate with an albino cockatiel?
I figured out my albino is now a male although it was sold as a female. I found out because it kept singing a two note song over and over. So what type of female cockatiel would mate with an albino?
He has red eyes its face is white and body too. I also heard that mating a lutino with a whiteface will cause baldness?

Best answer:

Answer by Goldy
Unless your bird has Pink eyes then it is not an Albino!!! you could have a Lutino !!, as for breeding you can have any color mutation you would like, But the best bet would be to have a Lutino hen.then you would get Lutino young , any other color that you use could or would make different colour’s

Lutino’s 99.9% of them have bald heads as a breeder(50 years) I have been trying to out breed this but without much success , so far,
As to what you have heard , take it with a pinch of salt use what ever color hen you fancy you may even have a new color variety.

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Birds For Sale|How to Write Sales Letters That Sell Reviews

How to Write Sales Letters That Sell

“The ultimate how-to book of direct mail letter writing.” — Victor Ross, former Chairman, Reader’s Digest

List Price: $ 29.95

Price: $ 18.62

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Extinct Birds|Extinct Birds (Comstock books)

Extinct Birds (Comstock books)

We learn from an early age that nothing is quite so dead as a dodo. We’ve heard stories of flocks of passenger pigeons once darkening the skies over North America, only to be reduced to a single bird, Martha, who perished in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1914

List Price: $ 73.50

Price: $ 91.74

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Parrot Parrot owners, what is the worst injury you have ever recieved complements of your pet parrot?


Question by professor grey: Parrot owners, what is the worst injury you have ever recieved complements of your pet parrot?
I know that many parrot owners allow their parots to perch on their shoulders and wind up with bites to the ears, nose mouth and sometimes even eye’s. What is the worst injury you have ever recieved and how did it come about?

Best answer:

Answer by ;)
Nasty bites.
My oldest child had/has severe asthma, so I gave the birds away. But when we were young and had several birds, bites were common.

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Parakeets For Sale Any hand tame parakeets for sale?

Question by Ash: Any hand tame parakeets for sale?
Hey everyone. I’m looking to buy a parakeet but I don’t just want one from the pet store. I prefer that it be hand tame. Any for sale? Thanks. I live in MT but I will have them shipped to me.
- Ash:)

Best answer:

Answer by Katy ♥
Hey again, aahaha. Good choice. I don’t live where you live but I know you might not have very much luck asking on Yahoo! answers. Try out some sites. Kijiji is a good site because you can look up people in your area.


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Bird Photos Q&A: Feedback On My Bird Photos?

Question by chocoboryo: Feedback On My Bird Photos?
I’m starting to get into taking photos (usually I just draw).
I would love someone to give me feedback on my pet bird photos… what you like about them, what you dislike. Any tips would be great too, thank you!
I use a digital camera, just a little Olympus. Some of the photos are tweaked in Photoshop.

(you don’t have to look at all of them if you don’t want to, obviously)

Best answer:

Answer by Bill
I though they were very nice. The colors are really good too.

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"Tinerii mei bătrâni" - Lansare Free Bird

Check out these free birds images:

“Tinerii mei bătrâni” – Lansare Free Bird
free birds

Image by Evive…

“Tinerii mei bătrâni” – Lansare Free Bird
free birds

Image by Evive…

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Baby Birds|Hand-Feeding and Raising Baby Birds: Breeding, Hand-Feeding, Care, and Management

Hand-Feeding and Raising Baby Birds: Breeding, Hand-Feeding, Care, and Management

  • 6.5 x 7 7/8 in

This book is for both amateur bird owners and professional breeders. It offers instructions on maintaining a bird nursery, keeping it heated and sanitary, and tending the chicks. Differing feed formulas are given for different species, including parr

List Price: $ 14.99

Price: $ 7.94

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Birdfeeders how many small birdfeeders did the class make?

Question by Prairee: how many small birdfeeders did the class make?
Todd’s class is making plastic birdfeeders in two sizes. Small birdfeeders use 2 dowels, large birdfeeders use 3 dowels. The class used 103 dowels to make 38 feeders. How many small birdfeeders did that class make?

Best answer:

Answer by loufedalis
I thought this was going to be easy. It is not.

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Cockatiel Birds Q&A: Can you feed wild outdoor birds cockatiel food?

Question by punzki01: Can you feed wild outdoor birds cockatiel food?
My cockatiel just passed away and I have a huge bag of cockatiel food left over. I was wondering if I’d be able to use the seed up by feeding it to the outdoor birds.

Best answer:

Answer by Ali H
There are many kinds of feeds available to attract birds. You can buy mixes or single types of feeds at supermarkets, livestock feed stores, garden supply stores, or through catalogs. The particular type of mix you put out influences the number and variety of birds that will use feeding places. Until recently, there has been little scientific information to guide the selection of bird feeds. Now we know much better what feeds attract or fail to attract different kinds of birds to feeders.

This information on relative attractiveness of bird feeds is based on 710,450 observations of birds choosing between two or more feeds at experimental feeders in Maryland, California, Ohio, and Maine. In these studies, black-striped sunflower and white prove millet (s and p following the bird names in Table 1) were used as standards. All other feeds were presented at experimental feeding tables along with one or both of these standards to measure relative attractiveness. The work was done under the direction of the Urban Wildlife Research Program of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. However, the bulk of observations were made by volunteers.

The 21 kinds of seeds commonly used to feed birds are pictured and named in Table 1.

The scientific basis for assigning ratings is explained in a footnote to the table. From the other viewpoint, Table 2 lists 18 kinds of birds that frequently visit feeders across the country, and their preferred foods. Many birds are generalists and will eat a variety of foods. However, even generalists have preferred foods. By presenting foods known to attract the birds you want to see, you will attract desired species and your feeders may be less attractive to unwanted birds, such as starlings.

Table 2. Preferred Foods of Common Birds.

American goldfinch hulled sunflower seeds, niger seeds, and oil-type sunflower seeds.
Blue Jay peanut kernels, black-stripe, gray-stripe, and oil-type sunflower seeds.
Brown-headed cowbird white proso, red proso, German millet, and canary seed.
Cardinal sunflower seeds of all types.
Chickadees oil-type and black-striped sunflower seeds, peanut kernels.
Dark-eyed junco red proso, white proso millet, canary seed, and fine-cracked corn.
Common grackle hulled sunflower seeds and cracked corn.
Evening grosbeak sunflower seeds and cracked corn.
House finch In Maryland, oil-type and black-striped sunflower seeds, sunflower kernels and pieces, and niger. In California, white prove millet and flax also readily taken.
House sparrow white proso millet, canary seed, and German (“golden”) millet.
Mourning dove oil-type sunflower seeds, white prove millet, niger, and German (“golden”) millet.
Purple finch sunflower seeds and kernels.
Starling peanut hearts and hulled oats.
Song sparrow white and red prove millet.
Tufted titmouse peanut kernels, black-striped and oil-type sunflower seeds.
White-crowned sparrow oil-type sunflower seed, sunflower kernels and pieces, white and red prove millet, peanut kernels and hearts, niger seed.
White-throated sparrow oil and black-striped sunflower seeds, sunflower kernels and pieces, white and red prove millet, and peanut kernels.

Sunflower seeds attract most seed-eating birds. The most attractive sunflower seed is the black, oil-type. Another outstanding food is a type of millet, known as white prove or white millet. White millet attracts house sparrows and brown-headed cowbirds. However, when there are small sparrow-like birds around, such as juncos and song sparrows, white prove millet is needed. The common cereal grains- sorghum, wheat, cracked corn, oats, and rice-rate significantly below black oil-type sunflower seed or white prove millet in feeding tests. Other relatively unattractive seeds are flax, canary, and rape. A common ingredient in mixes, peanut hearts, strongly attracts starlings. You can discourage house sparrows, brown-headed cowbirds, blue jays, and grackles while at the same time offering a moderately attractive food to cardinals and mourning doves by feeding safflower seeds. Safflower is of little interest to other bird species, however.

Rather than buying mixes, the bird feeder will spend his money more effectively by buying black, oil-type sunflower and white prove millet separately, in bulk from seed or animal feed dealers. Depending on the kinds of birds present, the amounts of these two best foods can be varied to attract the birds you want to see.

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Parakeets For Sale Q&A: where can i post my parakeets for sale?

Question by TTC #2 Baby Dust MEEE!: where can i post my parakeets for sale?

Best answer:

Answer by judithia

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unknown birds copy

Check out these pics of birds images:

unknown birds copy
pics of birds

Image by Jason_Bowler-Catching Up
Looking for the names of these birds. Are they the same or not? Pics are a bit grainy but hoping to go back for some better shots.

Hungry Birds
pics of birds

Image by yashima
I was taking pics while the others were feeding them and they were hungry. Sadly I didn’t get any photos of flying birds.

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Bird Names A-z Baby name game: naming your child after a _____?

Question by : Baby name game: naming your child after a _____?
What names would you choose if you had to name your child after a:

-month of the year
-Irish name
-number (like Una, Tertia, Octavian, etc)
-bird or animal
-palindrome (where it’s spelled the same way forwards or back. Nevaeh can count)
-biblical name
-name with a Z or Q in it
-starry name (of a constellation, or star, or astronomer)
-Shakespearean character

MINE (girl/boy):
-month of the year DECEMBER
-Irish name SAOIRSE/ EAMON
-virtue HONOR
-number (like Una, Tertia, Octavian, etc) OCTAVIA/OCTAVIAN
-bird or animal STARLING/ ROBIN
-palindrome (where it’s spelled the same way forwards or back. Nevaeh can count) AVIVA/ (no idea for a boy!)
-biblical name MIRIAM/ ISAIAH
-name with a Z or Q in it ZEOLA/EZRA
-starry name (of a constellation, or star, or astronomer) CASSIOPEIA/ORION
-Shakespearean character HERMIONE/ LYSANDER

Best answer:

Answer by peace♥
irish name “delaney”

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Bird Hunters

Check out these bird photos images:

Bird Hunters
bird photos

Image by Travis S.
These guys are packing a lot of birds. Guns were used to hunt, but nets may have also been involved.

There are two interesting features seen in the clothing styles of the hunter on the left. First he has large labrets on the lower lip toward the corners of the mouth. These were generally made of white discs made from limestone, marble, or ivory. They were topped with a half Chinese blue bead. These were seen as the signs of a hunter of high status but were taken off in the blistering cold, as it probably wasn’t fun to have these frozen to your lips.

The second interesting thing is the parka he’s wearing with the walrus tusks coming down off the shoulder blades. This was a common parka around this time and I don’t know the meaning for it.

Both of these items, the labrets and the parkas I have seen in among the Inupiat, and possibly the Yup’ik from Herschel Island above the Mackenzie River over to Barrow, down to Point Hope, over to St. Lawrence Island, and among those on the Seward Peninsula. These cultural traits probably show a large trading network that spanned across the entire north slope down to the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta.

The caption on these photos reads:
These men are returning from a bird hunting trip on St. Lawrence Island, ca. 1932. In addition to providing food, the feathered skins of several species were used for making parkas.

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Lovebirds For Sale Does anyone have some Peach headed lovebirds for sale $20 or under?

Question by stormsinmoonlight: Does anyone have some Peach headed lovebirds for sale or under?
My daughter saw this peach headed lovebird at Petco today and she really wanted it but, we are moving and it was $ 20 but, were pretty tight.

Best answer:

Answer by Steph D
If 20 dollars is all you can afford wait. Have your daughter save her own money to get one. If they were selling the bird for 20 dollars chances are something is wrong with it. Also Lovebirds need vet care just like other animals. Except a avian vet costs alot more. Around 200 dollars for a well check. Try getting her a hamster or a gerbil instead if you want her to have one now.

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Pink Petal

Some cool softbills for sale images:

Pink Petal
softbills for sale

Image by little package
I’m gradually getting around to designing a ladies cap. This is the first version. I’ll hammer it out till I get it right. I’m calling them "Petals."

This one is for sale on Etsy here:

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Please help me identify this bird. Is it a California Thrasher?

Some cool identifying birds images:

Please help me identify this bird. Is it a California Thrasher?
identifying birds

Image by emdot
7s and I were out walking in Montana de Oro today. We’d spent the better part of the time out at Point Buchon (newly opened by PG&E, on the south side of the park). But before we left MdO, we stopped at one of the beaches that is along the sandspit. You walk through mid-dunes (I forget already what this part is called — not the dunes right by the ocean, but out a bit farther). Covered in your basic chaparral. From 50 yards or so away I said, whoa, what is THAT? It was a brown, large bird but even from that far away I could see that I’d never seen one before.

One was on top of a bush, squawking. The other (its mate, probably) was scurrying across the trail going from the bush to another bush and back again. The whole time they were making noise and being rather funny — almost scrub jay-ish, tho they obviously don’t look like scrub jays at all (also, bigger than a scrub jay).

It has a brown, curved-down bill. Brown body. And likes to scurry on the path (like a quail).

I spent some time trying to identify it and I think this is a California Thrasher. :) Can anyone tell me if this is right?

Normally I would have cropped the photo. BUT, the clumps of thingies on the left-hand side is scat. HUGE huge scat (as you can see). What made that? I dunno, but I’ve got money that says it was some kind of wild cat.

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Bird Feeders How do you get squirrels away from bird feeders?

Question by Edward M: How do you get squirrels away from bird feeders?
Squirrel-proof feeders are not an option, and the squirrel baffles at stores are too big to fit around the shepherds hook that they’re on. Now I seldom fill the feeders, because the next morning they will just swing it around and spill it! Are there any chemicals, scents, electronics, or other parts or methods that can get squirrels away from the bird feeders?

Best answer:

Answer by GS
shoot them!!!!

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Nice Names Of Birds photos

A few nice names of birds images I found:

names of birds

Image by CameliaTWU
Strelitzia is a genus of five species of perennial plants, native to South Africa. The genus is named after the duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, birthplace of Queen Charlotte of the United Kingdom. In South Africa it is commonly known as a crane flower (Wikipedia).

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Types Of Birds|For the Birds: Easy-to-Make Recipes for Your Feathered Friends

For the Birds: Easy-to-Make Recipes for Your Feathered Friends

From gift-giving treats to beak-smacking suets, this book offers 50 recipes that are sure to delight backyard guests and lure a variety of new species. No exotic ingredients are necessary-with just a little suet from the supermarket, some sand from t

List Price: $ 9.95

Price: $ 2.48

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Bird Names A-z Identify: piece of pottery that has on it a symbol that looks like a C, which could be the sun or a bird, also?

Question by J.C.: Identify: piece of pottery that has on it a symbol that looks like a C, which could be the sun or a bird, also?
The pot has: A ‘C’ which could be a bird or a sun in the sky
A z-type square symbol on the base
no other symbols
it is brown, with three or four levels of color. The base is brown, an inch up it becomes a lighter brown, and so on for the other levels.
it is a narrow cylinder in shape
Can you identify it (brand name)?
it also has dark speckles all the way through
it has no purpose I know of

Best answer:

Answer by tempsmartdental
Potters mark their pots if they share the studio space and kilns with other potters. It is a simple and convenient way of being able to find your objects in a large studio community. They use initials, little personalized stamps, shells, etc. Letter C may be an initial, not necessarily a brand.
Some images would help at least to identify the style or other details.

What do you think? Answer below!

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2009-03-28 Barnswallow - A Wild Bird Concern 13

Check out these wild birds images:

2009-03-28 Barnswallow – A Wild Bird Concern 13
wild birds

Image by JanetandPhil
Short-Eared Owl (Asio flammeus) – Barnswallow, A Wild Bird Concern – Wauconda, IL – 28 March 2009

2009-03-28 Barnswallow – A Wild Bird Concern 12
wild birds

Image by JanetandPhil
Broad-Winged Hawk (Buteo platypterus) – Barnswallow, A Wild Bird Concern – Wauconda, IL – 28 March 2009

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Cornell Lab Of Ornithology|Cornell Lab of Ornithology Handbook of Bird Biology Reviews

Cornell Lab of Ornithology Handbook of Bird Biology

Call it Bird University. This gloriously illustrated volume provides comprehensive college-level information about birds and their environments in a style accessible to nonscientists and teachers the world over.The Handbook of Bird Biology covers all

List Price: $ 99.50

Price: $ 99.50

The Bird Watching Answer Book: Everything You Need to Know to Enjoy Birds in Your Backyard and Beyond (Cornell Lab of Ornithology)

  • The Bird Watching Answer Book.
  • This handy little reference answers real life questions that have been sent to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology by birders of all levels from across North America.
  • Erickson’s expert answers give readers the companionship of a professional ornithologist as they observe their avian companions.
  • The book’s tone is friendly and accessible, even as the answers demonstrate a tremendous depth and breadth of knowledge.
  • 100% Genuine Brand Names.

How many feathers does a bird have? Do birds sleep while in flight? Why do Blue-Footed Boobies have blue feet? How do migrating birds know where to go and how to get there? For these and hundreds of other questions, The Bird Watching Answer Book has

List Price: $ 14.95

Price: $ 3.73

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Macon-Love Bird-072608 020-4x6

Some cool love birds images:

Macon-Love Bird-072608 020-4×6
love birds

Image by Paul-W
Everyone so oftern, Macon will get close to Savannah… a little too close for her comfort, and she’ll peck at him until he quickly moves away. This is mostly Macon, with Savannah’s wing extended at the far left.

Peach Faced Love Birds

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Pictures Of Birds|Bird Pictures - Volumes 1 - 3

Bird Pictures – Volumes 1 – 3

Bird Pictures – Volumes 1 – 3 contains over 145 pictures of pretty birds. This collection includes the books Bird Pictures volumes 1 and 2 along with the unreleased Bird Pictures – Volume 3.

Bird Pictures – Volumes 1 – 3 contains over 145


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Monday, April 23, 2012

Cool Blue Jay Bird images

Some cool blue jay bird images:

Blue Jay
blue jay bird

Image by hjhipster
Villas WMA (Ponderlodge) – Lower Township, NJ

I could do without the branch over its head but it was too cold to be fussy over a blue jay.

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Nice Birds photos

Some cool birds images:

Bird Houses / 20071230.10D.46705 / SML

Image by See-ming Lee 李思明 SML
CC-BY-SA 2007 See-ming Lee (Blog / Gay Blog / Photo Blog / Wiki)

SML Thank You: CC photo uses
+ 2008-03-24: CrapHammer: Meet My Social Network in Action
+ 2009-12-29: Ornitologia: We wish you an Ornithological 2010
+ 2010-04-30: Meylah: Community Building Strategy Series: Smart Partnering
+ 2010-05-01: Rufusandco: Multicolored Bird Houses
+ 2010-06-02: Exkimal Digital: dónde están mis usuarios?

Look, a bird

Image by 55Laney69
Cute little bird seen at my balcony. Taken with this:

My Olympus E-PL1 with an old 70-200 exacta Tele Lens.

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Pet Birds How can i get my new pet birds feel friendly around me?

Question by holaa!: How can i get my new pet birds feel friendly around me?
I just got some pet birds! Two actually. They are cockatoos. On is a girl and the other is a boy. They are about 5 years old. They have been living with 2 other families so far. The one family didnt really care for thebirds that much. They had them for two years and then passed them on to my great aunt. THey had them for three years and the nevery really wanted them, but the didnt want to see innocent birds thrown away. THen they gave it to us. My dad still needs to clip the wings and all. But whenever i get too close, the start to hiss at me. How do the birds get closer to me.?

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Answer by babyboo2429
Just be gentle and show you care! Try not to be loud around them they will be scared of you whenever you come with them,have fun,and good luck!

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Baby Birds Baby birds?

Question by Ann: Baby birds?
I have 3 baby birds and i need help? The nesting box blew down and i put it up agen and whatid 11/2 houres. The parents did not come back. They are reley young they don’t have any fetheres yet. I don’t now how to take care of them i need help?

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Answer by DarwinDog
i think you should call any nearby animal hospital or if u have pets ur vet they can probably tell you where you can drop them off or how to care for them

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Blue Jay Bird why is it naked as a jay bird not blue jay or crow or some other bird they are all naked if you think about it?

Question by qanda11: why is it naked as a jay bird not blue jay or crow or some other bird they are all naked if you think about it?
and why a bird at all why not some other animal or even naked as a caveman or something why even an animal at all?

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Answer by Sicilian Godmother
You definitely have a valid point and piqued my curiosity. I did some research and found some interesting information on this topic at a website called…
Anyway, rather than cull the salient points here is a copy and paste. I am sure you will find it an interesting read.
Dear Word Detective: Can you please explain “naked as a jaybird”? We have many blue jays where I live, but all of them are covered with feathers. Am I missing something? Do all their feathers fall off at some point? — M. Mercurio, via the internet.

Not that I’m aware of, though I suppose it’s not impossible. My dogs, after all, shed enough hair every summer to build a whole new dog. Maybe blue jays shed their feathers when they fly to Florida for the winter. It’s probably hard to get a decent tan when you’re covered with feathers.

The phrase “naked as a jay bird” means, of course, to be utterly without clothing. A “jay” is a species of songbird, probably most familiar to us as the blue jay, with its brilliant blue plumage and distinctively raucous call.

Just where the phrase “naked as a jaybird” came from is, however, a mystery. It has been in fairly common usage since the middle of the 20th century, and seems to be American in origin. Why blue jays, which are modestly covered with feathers, should have become symbols of stark nudity is anyone’s guess. The English have a similar phrase, “naked as a robin,” but that doesn’t seem to make any sense either.

I suppose it is possible that “naked as a jaybird” is related somehow to the use of “jay” in the 19th century for a hick or rube recently arrived in the city. This “jay” underlies our term “jaywalk,” meaning to cross the street in the middle of the block or in some other unorthodox fashion, supposedly as one unaccustomed to urban traffic rules might.

In any case, since we’re reduced to guessing, here’s mine. There are few birds more blatantly obvious than the male blue jay. Not only is Mr. Jay bright blue, not a common color for animals of any ilk, but he is also usually the loudest and most obnoxious bird in any given tree. As a symbol of that which is flamboyantly obvious, the blue jay takes the cake. “Naked as a jaybird,” therefore, might just be a colorful way of saying “blatantly and obviously completely naked.”

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Bird Feeding Q&A: How can I make Sunflower Bird Feeding Blocks?

Question by jimcar58: How can I make Sunflower Bird Feeding Blocks?
Bird Feeding Blocks?

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Answer by fruitcake
what i do is melt a small amount of lard, and mix it with the sunflowers or seed then put it in the fridge to set, in about 1-2 hours you should be able to put it out, as a change we sometimes use the fat from our grill pan, and you can put a bit of string into the mix before it sets so you have a hanging loop. good luck hope it works for you.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bird Houses|The Complete Book of Birdhouse Construction for Woodworkers (Dover Woodworking)

The Complete Book of Birdhouse Construction for Woodworkers (Dover Woodworking)

Expert and inexpensive guide to building 7 wooden birdhouses includes detailed coverage of wood selection, hanging and supporting birdhouses, inspection and cleaning, proper placement, attracting specific species, construction of pest guards, and mo

List Price: $ 3.50

Price: $ 0.71

Birdhouses You Can Build in a Day (Popular Woodworking)

Build a Fine Home for your Feathered Friends Birds of all feathers will be flocking to your backyard to live in the beautiful houses and dine in the unique feeders you can build in just a few short hours. This book is chock-full of more than 50 simp

List Price: $ 24.99

Price: $ 7.18

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