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Lovebirds How to tame a pair of lovebirds?

Question by isisrocca82: How to tame a pair of lovebirds?
I recently purchased a pair of lovebirds. I would like them to feel comfortable enough with me that they could pearch on my hand and shoulder. Is this possiable with a pair?

They do have their wings clipped, but they are terrified to come out of their cage, or even come anywhere near me presently. I know that when I approach I need to be slow and steady, also using a soft tone of voice.

Any pointers? About how long does it take to tame peach-faced lovebirds? Thanks!

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Answer by Lady G
OK, first things first: let them be comfortable in their cages.
Don’t give them strange foods, it will scare them.
Don’t force them to come out: when you’re in the room and it’s safe, leave the cage door open and just sit around calmly, for example while you’re working at your desk or reading. Leave snacks that they like around you, they will eventually come out.

The best thing you can do is go to and register (it’s free). It’s a great community where you can ask questions and real lovie owners and/or breeders will answer you to the best of their knowledge. I’m registered there and they’ve all been a real help (I have a 5 month old lovie, who’s quite a handful). You can browse through previous threads (questions) to get answers too.

Good luck and don’t give up hope, it WILL take time! =)

****EDIT: I see you’ve asked this question before and someone else also recommended lovebirdsplus. Follow the link, it’s great, I would really, honestly be lost without it!! =)

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