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Nice Baby Birds photos

A few nice baby birds images I found:

baby bird in a makeshift nest
baby birds

Image by exonumia
This photo was taken mere moments after the baby’s momma came back with a worm (and flew away at the sight of me)

The baby bird fell from a nest high up in this tree in front of my house, so I built him a new nest out of a Gladware container, which I tied to the tree and filled with grass.

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Types of Birds Closed

Check out these types of birds images:

Types of Birds Closed
types of birds

Image by prayingmother
Birds Lapbook by Zippy (age 8)
This lapbook is from In the Hands of a Child:

See my blog for more description about this lapbook: Preparation Education > Bird Lapbooks

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Pet Birds Pet Birds?

Question by : Pet Birds?
I need a website that shows all the different types of birds one can have as pets and how to take care of them. I want to purchase 2 pet birds that can be in the same cage together without killing each other (has happened to me before) and i want to knowledge myself about them before i go get them.

thank you!

Best answer:

Answer by playerettte34
cockotoo’s and budgies work together very well and there easy to keep

Add your own answer in the comments!


sengoku (my old pet iguana)

Some cool african grey parrot for sale images:

sengoku (my old pet iguana)
african grey parrot for sale

Image by LHG Creative Photography
He got to 23 years old and about 6ft 3 inches, and was undoubtedly one of the longest lived and largest green iguanas ever seen in britain.

His early life was a massive struggle, he was bought in newport gwent from a filthy and tiny cage where he sufferred with maybe 40 other iguanas, I could only save one, so it was he that I chose, the one with greatest chance of survival.

He was anorexic for two years despite my giving him all I could, importing uv lights years before most people used them, the vivaria was thermostatically controlled and always perfectly regulated for temperature, even with seasonal values, and humidity, and basking was always available, I even had different fittings in similar locations so he could still control his temperature at night without even waking up. I even tested the thermodynamics of his viv to ensure the gradient was correct and that the ventilation was sufficient. I used vitamins,a balanced mixture of 3 different makes with extra individual components to balance them for different ages and biological states. I helped him heal from injuries, cure and recover from metabolic bone disease, salmonellosis, cryptosporidia, and protozoan ailments , stomatitis of the mouth, and premature antipericular gout, treated his skin for fungus, even cured an infection of the vent and hemipenis, and more unusaually still, a major imbalance of the lacrymal gland which meant he excessively sneezed salt and knackered his own ability to retain fluids. For two years it was totally touch and go , always another problem just because he had been imported badly . I bought some very expensive aloe based moisturisers for two years to keep his cracking skin supple and keep repeat fungal infections away. The bills hit quadruple figures in two years and thats even with me be able to do most of the medical aid myself and saving on labour costs and many veterinary price markups on drugs. After 2 years of ownership he sloughed perfectly every time from being given to me with the skin consistancy of lumpy porridge with cysts and severe symptoms of MBD, 18 months into ownership, after force feeds, and nearly dying on me he regained the will to live, and never looked back.

For the best part of 20 years his scales were glassy smooth, soft because he never scarred, but hard as stones, and from aloe massages to baths he was in such condition that even his neck studs were razor sharp and perfect, his sloughed skin parted in whole perfect sheets and quickly, his nails were hard as iron. A rotting swollen mouth was replaced by perfectly flush fit lips, strong teeth, his nosetip grew back, and I discovered he even had three nose horns. His jaw and subtympanic scale was so large I have never seen bigger. His bone structure was so good he had a flexibility in muscular movement I have never seen outside of a wild iguana, he could seriously bloody jump, five feet straight up, nearly 8 feet along, and when he ran, he could run as fast as me on his back legs,and swim much better, casually, effortlessly. He could crush up or stretch out like a cat, he didnt have the stilted stumbling movement I see in most captive iguanas, he moved with precision.

His bite power was transformed from risking a jaw break with a nip on a bit of cucumber to a bite that split a broom handle in half and even chomped through whole carrots, ripped into butternut squashes and chomped down whole bananas and could handle the toughest leaves. I would make him balanced daily meals of up to 22 different fruits vegetables and leaves, plus commercial formulas. I used supplementation from the beginning. It was the predatory temptations of locusts, waxworms and mealworms that finally broke his post trauma anorexia, and I had to work very hard indeed to up his vegetable intake. A year later though he was taking a 95% veggie diet happily, but I couldnt ever overestimate how much work that took. Tricks like stuffing a bit of romaine or banana in his face when he went to grab a locust so that he would get a taste for it , get used to eating it again. That cracked, he doubled in size vitually every year until he hit 6 foot.

In his life he had loads of freedoms, physically I almost never restrained him unless he was a bit territorial through spring and likely to bite people (no small thing a bite from an adult iguana – with his bite power and strong skeleton and well exercised muscles a square bite to your hand would break every bone in it, and leave you with fleshwounds like someone had a go at you with a hacksaw) and eventually our relationship grew and I do genuinely think we finally became friends, or at least achieved a retained mutual respect , the "I live, I am here, and I command my life" thing was mutually understood and appreciated. Sure we fought, but it was 99 times out of 100 ritualised, and he was testing me, and sometimes I picked up the game and tested him back. We found an accomodation of ego.

Somehow it seemed humanity was finally forgiven for the wrongs they inflicted upon him, for we had done him much wrong collectively, we sent some peasant out to capture him for pennies, we demanded perhaps unwittingly, that he be loaded into a crate together with other panicking members of his brethren, teeth claws, whipping tails and all, unfed , unwatered, covered in shite, denied the sunlight they love and need to live, put for endless days in transport, by truck, by boat, by plane, then loaded into dealers and warehouses alien environments, then finally to petshops where snotty nosed kids gawp and bang on glass. For an animal, surely even being eaten is less sufferring by a magnitude of many times.

Those days over, he would run to me, climb my arm willingly take food from me, even scout the fridge, he got in the shower with me, we went across fields and climbed trees together in the warmth of summer.We watched birds and people come and go and I knew that he felt alive when so many others in captivity did not. It pleased me because of what I was able to achieve for him, but I felt a deep shame towards my own race treating others of his species so very badly.

Somehow though, despite my doing all I could, it doesnt make the days of his capture ok , it was from me the best apology I could manage once I realised about the realities of the pet trade. I was young when I bought him, perhaps naive, because in the sale price of that single iguana I justified in one moment the torture the others went through, because I just paid the air fare of more of them. Now of course, I never would encourage the trade, though it is still so very hard to tear yourself away from an animal that you can save for the sake of a couple of hundred quid or much less. If we don’t agree to such trades though, the only way to stop them is starve them of cash, and make sure others do the same.

If theres one message Sengoku could give to you through me- its that. Lizard and reptile though he was and so alien to many, it is noneletheless the voice of one of the best friends and animal teachers in my life speaking , and I want you to listen.

He bit me a few times, and once nearly managed to remove my thumb, but to this day I still miss his head bobbing communications every morning, the way he would be part of my routine bumming around the house, watching TV (he had a thing for golf maybe just liked the green on the screen) and eating the houseplants (loved christmas cacti). I used to collect dandelions and hibiscus flowers for him the works.

His skeleton was one day taken in an x-ray, and he is the model for skeletal perfection used by vets to this day. He sired 60 sons and daughters, and taught me a new way of seeing and of appreciating animal kind and nature, a less human kind of appreciation where egos are left at the door and what you want yourself becomes less important.

I liked his uncompromising nature, but as a 30 pound adult iguana he would sit on me and we would sunbathe together and the level of communication was staggerring. From coming to me when I called him, to pointing out things in the view from windows to each other, head bobbing expressions of mood to each other,using eye communication to reassure from along the length of a room, to make and exchange judgements about people and situations, taking clues from me about whether to be calm or aggressive, relaxed or cautious, indicating where and when he wanted to go places, what he wanted to eat when he wanted to eat, the works.

I couldnt give him freedom but I gave him his reign unsubdued, his male ego was fundamental to him, to suboordinate it would have been unforgivable, and I think we learned mutual respect, and thats a much better fate than that which awaited most iguanas in this country who live in fear, and die from nutritional ailments, poor funding commitment, denial of sunlight, and temperature induced ill-health and the consequences of abnormal behavior caused by the stereotypical symptoms of fear and boredom from living in tiny boxes, and finally the biggest factor of all, one that pertains to all the other factors, that most people do not relate to reptiles properly and cannot see their needs in a timely and pre-emptive enough way with compassion enough to stand back and give them the space necessary for a successful life without a smothering love that is not real compassion. To provide without hope of reward, to give things grace.

He was finally balanced psychologically even when under natural sunlight, and he showed me that there is more to life than domestication. Not fleeing, but still going where he damn well liked. He also taught me not to underestimate the intelligence of a reptile. While his personality saw most of the emotional states that mammalian colonial animals have irrelevant, he was extremely intelligent. I wouldnt have put him far off an african grey parrot for smarts.

By far the biggest bugger about owning him was giving him sufficient vent for his incredibly high sex drive. Iguana courtship is violent as hell, he and his mating partner injured each other a few times, leaving me needing to perform stitches in one case, and introductions had to be carefully monitored. The eventual solution came in the form of a stuffed toy crocodile, and he used to ask for it when horny, drag it off and rape the crap out of it (well it was either that or the cushions on the sofa copped for it- or worse still, my arm!). Used to have to go and spray water on his bits cos he used to get stuck to it like a kid with his tongue stuck ion a freezer They don’t tell you that bit in the manual.

What he showed me wasnt domestication, it was intelligent adaptation to circumstances. He was a reptilian genius who had all the initial fear to be anything but, that he overcame this, showed trust and an iron will, was to his immense credit as a species and as an individual, and he showed that while I had to fight hard for his life, he was still an example of natures perfection. I would rather he was a king of his time in the wild, for surely he had that potential, but I could never take him back to guatemala, (surely a loss for him and the iguana population of guatemala, he would have beena fine breeding male contributing to the survival of the species), the place he had been so foolishly ripped from, but I gave him all I could, and in return he taught me things most humans will never know.

It felt like being kings together, equals. He taught me about not only the nature of iguanas but about myself in response to them.

Even now after his death, I can walk past an iguana in a zoo, and ask them through bobbing language how they are, announce who I am , and even though their eyes are jaded from millions of chavvy onlookers they still respond to me. I never fail to feel the weight of that priviledge.Unfortunately its not human sentimentality that allows me to see that the first wish most of them express is that they would like to come to me and to be free, as if I could help them. It shames me that I can’t for I know in our lousy climate they will die outside their cages, and I would never harm our native environs by releasing one here. I wonder if perhaps I saw one caged in its own country if I would walk by, or perhaps just rip that damned cage open. I think I probably would rip it apart.

Even a gift given from a reptile can be a truly special thing.

I would never take back the time I had with him, but for the sake of his sufferring brethren , I hope never to see this species in a petshop again. Just too big, in nature they dominate a territory the size of a football pitch a totally three dimensional space, and they rule from the highest canopies, this species needs to be free. Its written in their nature, and to be mentally as exceptional as sengoku was is rare. Those not as strong willed and intelligent as he, those who have owners without an ounce of accurate empathic response and the willingness to become a bit reptilian will only ever suffer.

He died in his sleep, in a seasonal brumation period (yep thats right I even read local guatemalan daylight reports and gave him those hours and relative cool periods) from renal failure aged 23 years old (at least). He went to bed one evening at lights off, looking noticeably older than usual and never woke the following day,he died looking like a statue on his tree branch, all six foot of him in his arrogant and kingly pose stiff as a board, even in death he never reliquished his crown, or his authority. I, unlike so many others could never and would never have taken that authority from him. We reached an accomodation, he was never suboordinate to me mentally, and I would never have insisted he be so, this was no dog to be trained, you have to be so much more subtle than that. There are times when neither you nor they can deny what they are and the way it makes them act, and there are solutions other than dominance and sublimination of character. Sometimes its just impractical to fight those raging hormones. Found another old pic which nicely demonstrates that.

In life, even though it was a captive life, he was ultimately triumphant.

On a final note, if I have made iguana ownership seem prosiac or desireable, I should counter by saying that in every aspect of his life, Sengoku was hard work to help find a balance, he was at times physically dangerous, I copped for huge vet bills over the years, and in total I estimate he cost me through accomodation, feeding , heating and various other potions at least £1200 a year average to keep, a lifetime investment probably breaking the £25000 mark, his purchase price of around a £75 was as cheap as anything ever got, and the gifts of comminication and companionship he gave me didnt even begin to emerge for perhaps 5 or 6 years and they had to be consistantly worked at.

At his peak years of dominance he could be hell on wheels, and though I handled him fairly easily, I should also point out that I used to scruff badgers, deadly snakes, insects, handle dangerous dogs, catch deer with my bare hands and Sengoku still rated as one of the most formidable of them when he was in a mood. This is not an animal a layman will cope with well. A fit healthy fully adult green iguana is four times stronger than your average sick one in your average british home, he was muscle and persistance itself and could be genuinely vicious.

This is not a quick fix pet for child or adult. It isnt really a pet, and the smallest size I would recommend for housing one is basically the same size as a family lounge at least, basically a tropical house, not a vivarium in the conventional sense, and I say that hand on heart to stop others making the mistakes he and I made while learning, for I had to work most of this stuff out for myself. 20 years ago outside of the states good literature on this sort of stuff was just non-existant. Now we have to stop each other endlessly repeating mistakes.

I hope the sort of people that declaw cats and chop the balls of of everything, who carry small dogs in handbags, put fish in tiny bowls, who keep hamsters in sweaty little plastic pods, and those who leave their dogs alone all day and don’t walk them or work with them socially, those who put intelligent lizards and tortoises in tiny vivs, and snakes in tubs realize really just how damned far they are off the mark now. Whatever you read, whatever you know, from magazines to books and even scientific literature, exceed the minimum standards by as much as you can, and for gods sake choose your species wisely.

If you havent read anything at all, well just don’t go for it, because not only will you make mistakes but you could buy an animal totally unsuited to captivity, and never see what a sufferance its life can become.

There are lots of animal owners, an animal lover is an entirely different thing.

My most enduring memory of him will always be the day I was lying on my bed asleep to find myself awake with a warm sunbeam coming in from the window, and a warm 6 foot lizard on my chest with his face 6 inches from mine. I forgot to shut his enclosure properly, and being smart and dextrous he probably just used his claw like a human hand and slid the door open as I had seen him do many times before. I was probably overworked at the time, it wasn’t like me to forget the lock, but he wasnt being aggressive, in fact, given his weight and his razor claws he must climbed up and settled down on me very gently not to wake me, without doubt he didnt wish to disturb me. He could have been there already over an hour for all I knew but he seemed completely calm, just perhaps wanted to be close to something else living. He gave me a head bob as soon as he saw I was awake the "hi dude " sign. I gave a half bob back a sleepy kind of "yo", and yawned, he yawned back. The universal language for "lets just have a kip". He settled his chin into the base of my neck, I nodded off again and so did he, both happy in our sunbeam on a sleepy day, my hand on his tail and he not objecting, It was the day of complete trust when two powerful creatures who had not one reason to get on, or trust, decided that they would anyway. All fears of past and all ego settled, just friends enjoying a sleep in the sunshine.

To you my good buddy. Rest well.

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Cool Goldfinch images

Check out these goldfinch images:


Image by KimmerKC
Every year we get flocks of Goldfinches visiting our sunflowers.


Image by KimmerKC
Every year we get flocks of Goldfinches visiting our sunflowers.

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Nice Names Of Birds photos

Check out these names of birds images:

GC: name that bird
names of birds

Image by consumerfriendly
give me the name of this bird and get 40 points for the Goldfish Championship.
a haiku about a bird gets you 250 points

Name That Bird!
names of birds

Image by urtica
Couldn’t get a good photo of this bird, but surely its call is recognizable by some of you smart birders out there!

I know it’s nearly impossible to see in this version of the vid, but the bird is in the center of the shot.

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Nice Thistle Bird Feeder photos

Check out these thistle bird feeder images:

Thistle Springtime Bird Feeder
thistle bird feeder

Image by Liz Gealach
The Springtime Bird Feeder
available for 10 L during the
Home & Garden Market Hunt II
March 17th – March 31st

Look for an apple!
hint: "For the birds!"

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Bird Houses Do spiders or wasps nesting inside blue bird houses deter the birds from using them?

Question by greenman: Do spiders or wasps nesting inside blue bird houses deter the birds from using them?
I have brown widows egg casings inside my blue bird houses.

Best answer:

Answer by Illusionist (illusionist)
Yes, they don’t want to get eefffd by those things

Give your answer to this question below!

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Nox Eterna | Free Bird

Check out these free birds images:

Nox Eterna | Free Bird
free birds

Image by Alexandre Chang
[ Nox Eterna | Free Bird | Jundiaí.SP | 22.09.07 ]

Melhor visualização

“Tinerii mei bătrâni” – Lansare Free Bird
free birds

Image by Evive…

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Pics Of Birds Q&A: What type of digital camera would be good for a 9 yr old that likes to take pics of birds?

Question by lildwahine: What type of digital camera would be good for a 9 yr old that likes to take pics of birds?
He’s just starting to take interest in photography and we don’t want to spend a bundle but want to get a camera that he would be able to take good photos of birds especially hawks and falcons.

Best answer:

Answer by crao_craz collects product reviews, summarizes them, and makes recommendations for more than 200 consumer products.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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Bird Houses Q&A: I may sound like I am nuts - But - would it be smart to put bird houses above my compost?

Question by Diggy Doe: I may sound like I am nuts – But – would it be smart to put bird houses above my compost?
If I put some bird houses over my compost – would it enhance the soil? Would it make the ph balance of the soil to high?
Would their feces enhance the soil?
The reason I ask is because my kids love bird house but there is feces everywhere. If it would help my compost – it would be nice!!!

Best answer:

Answer by kenoa9
Bird droppings are very potent.Just get a sample kit and check your compost before using it and try to keep the pH around can use lime or bone mill to lower the acid if needed.

Give your answer to this question below!

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Cockatiel Birds Will my Cockatiel birds be able to SING to me?

Question by ♫♪ will eat u ☼ heat u: Will my Cockatiel birds be able to SING to me?
Hi i have 2 cockatiel 1 a boy and 1 a girl. They are both living in the same cage. I was told that my birds wont be able to sing to me they would just talk in bird language. I really want my two birds to sing what should i do?

Best answer:

Answer by duck lover
a caged bird wont sing

p.s. you cant force them to

Give your answer to this question below!

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Birding What binoculars would you recommend to someone interested in birding?

Question by Cynthia: What binoculars would you recommend to someone interested in birding?
I love taking photos of little wildlife, now I’m looking to get binoculars for it, so which would you recommend?

Best answer:

Answer by Eskimo49x
Bushnell is a good brand. I have 7×35. It’s good for watching wildlife. There is also 7×50 or even 10×50 to get even closer viewing. Hope this helps.

Add your own answer in the comments!

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Finch on my bird feeder

Some cool finch bird feeders images:

Finch on my bird feeder
finch bird feeders

Image by donjd2

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Bird on Horseback

Some cool birds images:

Bird on Horseback

Image by axelkr
If anybody knows the bird hitching a ride on the mare, please let me know. View at full size for a closer look. I think it might be a female blackbird but I’m far from sure and blackbirds are still quite rare in these parts.

Fashionista – Bird – Snowy Egret – Golden Slipper

Image by blmiers2
Bird – Snowy Egret: Notice the "golden slipper".
I took this picture on a CFBW Bird Tour.

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Bird Pictures Why does my bird keep printing pictures of paper airplanes?

Question by i-love-olive-rat: Why does my bird keep printing pictures of paper airplanes?
My bird keeps printing pictures of paper airplanes. He leaves them all over the house, and then will look at them when he eats. Why does he do this?

Best answer:

Answer by 1big teddy graham
Are you putting crack in your bird’s food or sniffing it yourself?

Add your own answer in the comments!

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Nice Identifying Birds photos

Some cool identifying birds images:

identifying birds

Image by SubbuThePeaceful
Also in Chankanaab park on Cozumel

identifying birds

Image by SubbuThePeaceful

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Cornell Birds Does cornell university allow birds?

Question by cherie: Does cornell university allow birds?
Im curious to know if anyone knows if they allow a bird such as a cockatiel? (quiet)
If you were to dorm obviously on campus in ithaca? cockatiel small bird,

Best answer:

Answer by Alexis .
oh in a dorm,
I was going to say that’s pretty ballsy for a department to enroll a cockatiel in any subject, no matter how smart the bird.
probably not, you may have to sneak it in.

What do you think? Answer below!

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Cool Birds For Sale images

A few nice birds for sale images I found:

(ViewSonic) Birds for sale
birds for sale

Image by Omar Chatriwala
A multi-colored bird (suspected to be a Gouldian finche, like in the ViewSonic logo, as Patrice, T. suggested below) closes its eyes for a moment as locals and tourists pass its display cage in Souq Waqif.

Bird for sale
birds for sale

Image by bob|P-&-S

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Parrot Rescue Q&A: Parrot rescue centers near anaheim, ca?

Question by : Parrot rescue centers near anaheim, ca?
OK, so i know that parrots can be very expensive. But i also know that you can get them for like free at a rescue center. All i am wanting to know is where exactly are there any local ones. And wich one is reccomended. Please no other help information! Yes, i am planning on training the parrot. It seems like a fun job to do during the summer. Thanks for all your help.

Best answer:

Answer by Kathy
Sorry that I can not find some rescue centers that are particularly associated with parrots, but many bird rescue centers and companies deal with parrot businesses. The following is a list of some recommended bird centers.

Breeder’s Choice Pet Foods, Inc.
16321 E Arrow Hwy

1824 East Katella Avenue
Orange, CA

2465 E Imperial Hwy
Brea, CA

(213) 324-4909
650 N. Rose Dr., # 186
Placentia, CA

2582 River Trail Road
Orange, CA

Pro Pet Fix
Fullerton, CA

Secondhand Pets Rescue Adoption
Orange, CA

They are all skilled at bier training and feeds. You may get a lot of useful information on parrot from these companies and centers.

What do you think? Answer below!

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Cool Types Of Birds images

Some cool types of birds images:

Types of Birds Open
types of birds

Image by prayingmother
Birds Lapbook by Zippy (age 8)
This lapbook is from In the Hands of a Child:

See my blog for more description about this lapbook: Preparation Education > Bird Lapbooks

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Birds What type of birds eat japanese blueberry holly?

Question by ClarkDavid13: What type of birds eat japanese blueberry holly?
We’ve had 2 Japanese blueberry holly bushes for years. No bird ate the fruit. This year we have 2 birds that have ate every berry. I was curious what type of birds these may be?

Best answer:

Answer by mejxu
Japanese blueberry ( Elaeocarpus decipiens ) is well known as a bird attracting tree, its seed dispersal is by fruit-eating birds >
“If birds are your passion, make sure to give them a few perches; large trees or shrubs are ideal for hiding or nesting. Japanese blueberries (Elaeocarpus decipiens) for instance, provide excellent cover for your feathered friends.”

“This plant is attractive to bees, butterflies and/or birds.”

“blue olive-like fall fruit >>> attracts birds + fruit will not stain paved surfaces.”,-Blueberry,-Tree,-Japanese/Detail.bok

If you could upload a pic, we can try to identify your birds , but there are no very special ones reported, eating these berries.

Give your answer to this question below!

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Some cool parrot pictures images:

parrot pictures

Image by creepyed
Hard to see, but there are green parrots in this picture


Monday, March 26, 2012

Blue Jay Bird So There is a phrase that I can't remember. It has to do with a blue jay or blue bird.Help?

Question by Brandon: So There is a phrase that I can’t remember. It has to do with a blue jay or blue bird.Help?
I vaguely remember it being a cartoon (Disney maybe). I can’t remember what cartoon or the phrase. Any ideas.

Best answer:

if its Disney…its, “Mr. Blue Bird on my shoulder” its the zippity doo da song
was a cartoon with brer fox, brer bear and brer rabbit…

Give your answer to this question below!

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Some cool cockatiel birds images:

cockatiel birds

Image by rich115


Cool Parrot For Sale images

Some cool parrot for sale images:

Green Parrots at Humayun’s Tomb, Delhi
parrot for sale

Image by ChrisGoldNY

Parrot Fish for sale at Pike’s Place
parrot for sale

Image by Bellyglad

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Types Of Birds Q&A: About how much do these types of birds usually cost?

types of birds
by uvince

Question by Megan: About how much do these types of birds usually cost?
I’ve been thinking about one of these types birds and would like to know an estimate of their price ranges: African Grey Congo, African Grey Timneh, African Grey Large Congo, Parrotlets, and Green Cheek conure. Thanks!
Thanks! I’ve seen African Grey Congos go for as little as $ 500. I got a Green Cheek conure for $ 150 once. It wasn’t a pineapple bird though.

Best answer:

Answer by 88ZombieNazi88
They range in prices if handfed or not…
Conures range depending on their mutations(Pinneapple)… they cost $ 200-$ 500.
Parrotlets again come in different mutations (green, blue, lutino, creamino)… $ 100-$ 400.
Greys range from $ 600-$ 1000

Add your own answer in the comments!

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Baby Birds baby birds?

Question by _: baby birds?
is ready brek safe for baby birds to eat? i know how to look after them and everything so please dont give me a lecture about it- i am a wildlife rehabber. i have run out of bird formula, does anyone know if oats/ready brek is safe (i mix it with water)

Best answer:

Answer by comicboy g
ive raised wild birds by mixing rolled oats and bugie seed mixed with boiled water and let sit to room tempature.I have raised cockatoos and rosellas on this as well as galahs

What do you think? Answer below!

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Nice Thorn Birds photos

A few nice thorn birds images I found:

the thorn bird
thorn birds

Image by bs4pa
Eva, Ataru and Taylor promenaded on the seashore. they have walked a lot and have swum a lot. then Eva realized that it’s getting darker with every minute. the family came to the place on the shore where they left their stuff. and suddenly Eva heard strange noise in the evening silence, she turned on the flashlight and saw a little birdie :) what a surprise!

ololo I cannot write stories, even in my native language, so please don’t judge too hard this piece of sh~ I wrote in "Engrish" :D

I am not satisfied with this shoot, really. but i am still waiting for your sweet and nice feedback! :D

a soundtrack to the silent evening

The Thorn Birds
thorn birds

Image by robgiampietro
Type: ITC Serif

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Bird Identification Q&A: Bird identification??????

Question by Caitlyn Marie: Bird identification??????
ok here’s the basics:

~mainly red
~pointed small beak
~black wings with white stripes on them
~medium//fat sized

any pics of this bird or name of this thing???
i live in new york in a little town

Best answer:

Answer by Courtney G
This sounds to me as if it is a SCARLET TANAGER.
Look a picture of oneup on google and see if that is what it is… but that is my best guess…

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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Bird Houses When to remove bird nests from bird houses?

Question by : When to remove bird nests from bird houses?
I know you are supposed to remove the nests from bird houses yearly but I am not sure what time of the year I am supposed to do this. We have two bird houses- one where some wrens come every year and the other chickadees usually build a nest in but don’t usually stay. I just want to know what month to remove the nests and if I really need to remove them at all.

Best answer:

Answer by meanolmaw
now would be good…. they will like a new clean home…. and time to build a new nest…..

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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Finches How to move finches from their cage to a new one?

Question by auntbea672004: How to move finches from their cage to a new one?
We made a bigger cage for our pair of finches, but aren’t sure how to transfer them to the new cage. Any advice?

Best answer:

Answer by mudbug
Just place both cage openings adjacent and tap back of cage where they are. If you leave overnight they will go in by themselves if food is in cage B.

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Cool Flightless Birds images

Check out these flightless birds images:

Flightless Birds Exhibition
flightless birds

Image by chooyutshing
At the Jurnb Bird Park.

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Blue Jay Bird i found a baby blue jay bird i dont know what i should do?

Question by : i found a baby blue jay bird i dont know what i should do?
i found it in the woods should i keep it or give it to a wild life rehebilitation?

Best answer:

Answer by sky
keep it

Add your own answer in the comments!

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Identifying Birds Bird watching. I need help identifying birds as I believe I'm a bit colour blind. ?

Question by TRAIN HARD LIVE WELL: Bird watching. I need help identifying birds as I believe I’m a bit colour blind. ?
I’ve hung loads of feed out for birds and I’m seeing some lovely little birds and I’m having trouble identifying them. My GF bought me a “Collins, Identifying Birds by Colour” book yesterday but it’s not going to good. Will binoculars help??????
Any tips and advice please.
Oh and by the way. any crap jokes about Women just won’t do as I’m a right stud muffin. lol
I know they’re not pets but couldn’t find any other category.

Best answer:

Answer by Getawaydriver
Yes, binoculars are very useful in studying and identifying birds, not to mention you can see more details of their antics and what they are doing(working seeds out of the feeder with their beaks, splitting open seed casings, how they actually ‘unzip’ and ‘zip’ feathers in grooming. etc.)

Also be aware that colour illustrations are often more noteworthy as little watercolour masterpieces to be enjoyed as such rather than exact replications, photo illustrations may be more practical.

Finally, remember that birds are often not all as identical as we believe, their plumage may vary in shade and tone from region to region and subtly from bird to bird.

Bird watching is a gentle pass time that takes years to perfect and is best done on a lazy day when you have nothing else to get done. It is for relaxing away from the stress of life, so don’t get stressed if you can’t crack it right away. It’s not a contest and there are no penalties for mistakes.

The pleasure is in the studying.

Pour yourself a glass of something nice and get the binoculars out.

Also, find out more about how to draw birds into your environment and how to properly feed them and any bonus sights like squirrels from season to season.


Add your own answer in the comments!

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Parrot Q&A: Parrot??????????????????????????????

Question by : Parrot??????????????????????????????
ok i want to get a parrot but what kind should i get i want one that can talk and say sentences.I live in new york city and live in an apt.

Best answer:

Answer by dumplingmuffin
i have a parrot ,please remember they are very noisy animals.mine makes more noise than my 2 dogs

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Nice Bird Photos photos

A few nice bird photos images I found:

Deranged Birds
bird photos

Image by Vicki & Chuck Rogers
Photo by Chuck Rogers

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Cool Pics Of Birds images

Check out these pics of birds images:

pics of birds

Image by StuRap
while I was snapping some pics of street art in a Northbridge alley, this pigeon lands at my feet and starts givin me the old "what the f#ck do you think you’re doin" face

Birds in Lower Post, B.C.
pics of birds

Image by Bruce McKay Yellow Snow Photography
1. April 17th, 2009 097, 2. April 17th, 2009 081, 3. April 17th, 2009 082, 4. April 17th, 2009 078, 5. April 17th, 2009 090, 6. April 17th, 2009 087, 7. April 17th, 2009 079, 8. April 17th, 2009 073, 9. April 17th, 2009 098, 10. April 17th, 2009 067, 11. April 17th, 2009 071, 12. April 17th, 2009 075, 13. April 17th, 2009 069

I Need Help!!!!
Please tag if you know the species very novice birder… some pics are much better seen individually. Thanks to all Flickr friends who keep showing such great bird photographs.
Created with fd’s Flickr Toys.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thistle Bird Feeder Putting thistle seed in a regular bird feeder?

Question by Dude24: Putting thistle seed in a regular bird feeder?
My local store ran out of the bird seed I normally buy but had thistle seed. I put it in my regular bird feeders, but then my grandmother told me I needed to put it in a finch feeder for the birds to eat it.

Is this true?

Best answer:

Answer by katykat1980
No, the birds eat the thistle seed (or nijer) out of all types of feeders. Your grandma may be partly right, though, because a lot of the birds who like the thistle seed, like the finches, prefer a certain type of perch when they eat, but it won’t stop them from eating it out of whatever kind of feeder you have available.

Add your own answer in the comments!

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Check out these birdfeeders images:


Image by tink tracy
Birdfeeder at old house.


Bird of the Sun

Check out these bird facts images:

Bird of the Sun
bird facts

Image by dospaz
Absolutely my favorite shot from the whole outing. My son alerted me to the fact that there was a bird outside our condo. The bird hopped around for a few minutes while I snapped some relatively close up pics, including this one.

Birds of Costa Rica, Picnik collage
bird facts

Image by CameliaTWU
"Boasting some 900 bird species, Costa Rica is home to more avian species than the United States and Canada combined. In fact, the country’s bird populations account for more than 10% of the world’s total bird species. Of these, more than 630 are permanent residents, while others are migratory visitors that live here only part of the year." (

These are photos of Tiger Herons, Great Blue Heron, Egrets, Carpintero, Trogon violaceus, Osprey in flight, Trogone (with red belly), Cara Cara Eagle (on a stump), Kingfisher, Toucans, etc.; I do not know all of them, especially the small, colorful ones.
Photos coutesy of Pozo Azul rafting staff


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Parrot parrot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Question by : parrot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
i pretty sure i have a african green parrot im not sure but im trying to find a parrot for under 300$ in chino,riverside,or ontraio

Best answer:

Answer by skydanzer400
I’m not sure I understand your question. There are many green parrots and there are many from Africa. Are you asking about a bird you have or one you are looking for. But whatever the case, if you are having to be concerned about the price of the bird, this may not be a good time, financially, for you to have any bird. The cost of the bird is the smallest amount of money you will spend and you must also have money set aside for vet bills. Avian vet bills are some of the highest of all because those vets are highly specialized and have taken many more years of schooling than just a dog/cat vet. They don’t come cheap but you cannot take on a bird without being able to commit to any health care it needs including at least a once per year check up.

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Bird Table How much table foods should be given to a bird per day?

Question by Cynical: How much table foods should be given to a bird per day?
I have a healthy cockatiel. He is on a pelleted diet, and occasionally gets treats, fruits, and veggies. My question is, how much table foods should he have a day? My vet said one small amount of table food a day. Such as one day he gets broccoli, the next a carrot etc. Is this a good recommendation? Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Yogi T
Personally I think you can give more than that . Raw is better than cooked. No salt is best. Many people give their birds mixed veggies and fruit everyday. You can also give your bird a pasta noodle . most birds like it cooked,a small piece of whole or12 grain bread,sweet potato and dandelion greens.

What do you think? Answer below!

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Birdcage What are those giant birdcage things on the side of the road?

Question by : What are those giant birdcage things on the side of the road?
During a drive from Tucson to Flagstaff, I saw alot of giant birdcage-like objects on the side of the road, especially near Phoenix. What the heck are they? And what are they for?

Best answer:

Answer by Caitlin M
If they’re what i’m thinking, then they are some scientific research thing to see if there is a certain type of insect in the area. The insect they are looking for eats tons of trees…

Give your answer to this question below!

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Australian birds

A few nice australian birds images I found:

Australian birds
australian birds

Image by KarenHullArt

Princess Parrot
australian birds

Image by stilltheone1
Native Australian bird.

Tags:Australian, Birds

Bird Cages bird cages?

Question by daniellelee10: bird cages?
where can i find mess free bird cages that are plastic and arn’t more than 100$ i already cheaked petco and petsmart.thanks

Best answer:

Answer by sdkramer76
There’s no such thing as a mess free bird cage. LOL…that’s like having a mess free house with kids living in it…there’s just no possibility of that ever happening.


You CAN get a skirt for birdcages that is fairly inexpensive. You can either sew your own, if you’re into that kind of thing, or you can order one online. Just use the search words “Birdcage skirt” and you’ll find what you’re looking for on ebay.

The skirt catches **MOST** of the seed and stuff that they toss out of the cage. You’ll still have a minor mess, but not what I like to call Rio messes. Rio is, I swear to you, the messiest bird alive. It’s fun for him to sit in his cage and throw nut shells at me all the way across the room. LOL

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Tags:bird, Cages

Cockatiel Whats the difference between an old cockatiel and a young one?

Question by Selina:3: Whats the difference between an old cockatiel and a young one?
I really want to get a Cockatiel and i just want to be sure that im getting a young bird i wanted to know the difference between a young cockatiel and an old cockatiel, just to be sure i know what i am looking for.

Best answer:

Answer by Dee
There really isn’t any way to tell by just looking at them. When looking for a cockatiel at the pet shop. Look for ones that are hand tame. You are gonna pay a little more but its worth it in the long run. These are usually hand feed and are young. Make sure to look at there nose to make sure that there isn’t anything coming out of it and that the eyes are clear. Look at the poop to make sure that it looks normal. If you aren’t sure check it against another cage.
If the cage says hand tamed, ask someone to pick up the bird so that you can see it. Watch how they do it and if the bird tries to bite them. If it does then look at a differ ant bird. They should be able to put there hand in the cage and bring the bird right out without a problem. Good Luck

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Tags:between, Cockatiel, difference, whats, Young

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cool Parrot images

A few nice parrot images I found:

Parrot in tree

Image by creepyed
There’s a parrot in the tree, if you can see it!

Tags:Cool, images, Parrot

Caged Bird Feeders How can I shape a homemade bird feeder into a non-traditional shape (i.e. a life size body)? *It's for an art

Question by AutumnIris: How can I shape a homemade bird feeder into a non-traditional shape (i.e. a life size body)? *It’s for an art
For art class, I wanted to make a bird seed struture in the shape of life size body parts (arms, legs, etc). Online, I can only find tips to dip toliet paper rolls, bagels, etc, but it’s not big enough. Is there any way I use bird caging or non toxic plaster to form the based for the peanutbutter and seeds? Any ideas? I need help!

Best answer:

Answer by yardchicken2
suet is a lard based bird food that is high energy. It is normally made up while the lard is still warmish and allowed to cool in molds. If you have molds for the body parts in question, the whole thing could be made of bird seed, raisens and lard.

I’m not sure, but you may be able to shape the lard like a very greasy clay as well.

This site talks about what suet is and different options for using with bird feeders.

Suet can also be served to the birds in a wire cage. you could use chicken wire and fill it with suet –the birds would peck at the suet between the openings in the wire.

If you use wire for your armature you could probably make a thick paste of the peanut butter and seeds to slather on it – but it would be hard to get the stuff to stick to the wire.

Maybe if you wire together bundles of pine cones to make the body and extremities and head — then the pine cones would be a better surface for the mixture to be spread on.

One option would be to bake bread into the shapes you want (let the bread get a bit stale, so it is sturdier) and then coat it in seed mixture.

you could also try making a bamboo armature. The string up mesh bags of bird feed and suet along the armature to “plump” it up to people proportions.

Here are recipies

I hope this works.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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Birds Eye What places in london would I be able to take birds eye view pictures from?

Question by : What places in london would I be able to take birds eye view pictures from?
For a photography project I have to take photos from different viewpoints. Does anyone know where I could go to take birds eye view photographs?

Here’s an example of the kind of images I would like to get

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Best answer:

Answer by dragon
the London Eye definitely! gets you up very high and not moving too fast so great opportunities to take amazing pics!

What do you think? Answer below!

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Bird Names A-z Try naming animals from a-z. I'll try it first.?

Question by Rosemarie B: Try naming animals from a-z. I’ll try it first.?

Best answer:

Answer by ABP
m= monkey

What do you think? Answer below!

Tags:animals, bird, first, from, I'll, Names, naming

Bird Facts Does anyone know any interesting (or useless) facts about the booby bird?

Question by : Does anyone know any interesting (or useless) facts about the booby bird?
For last minute homework I need a small project on the booby bird and for one section 10 facts about it. If you have any interesting/useless/weird/funny/random facts about this bird, PLEASE share them!!! The internet is being really useless for me now and it is due tomorrow.

Thanks so much in advance!!!!

Best answer:

Answer by Natalie A
Life span: 15 – 20 years

The term "Boobie" is believed to come from the Spanish word "bobo". In English this term means "Stupid".

blue-foots nest on land at night. When day breaks, they take to the air in search of seafood.

They may fly far out to sea while keeping a keen eye out for schools of small fish.

They fold their long wings back around their streamlined bodies and plunge into the water from as high as 80 feet (24 meters).

Blue-footed boobies also use their webbed feet to cover their young and keep them warm.

Thats all i could find

What do you think? Answer below!

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