Saturday, June 30, 2012

Nice Birds Of Prey photos

A few nice birds of prey images I found:

Bird of Prey over Trafalgar Square
birds of prey

Image by kenjonbro (Celebrating 60 Years 1952-2012)
Not sure poss a Kestrel?

Portrait of an Afican kite
birds of prey

Image by Tambako the Jaguar
Another portrait of the female African kite. She is looking more serious on this shot!

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Cool Bird Cages images

Some cool bird cages images:

Little bird cage
bird cages

Image by

This adorable necklace is composed of a little bird cage and a tiny bird charm.

So lovely and dainty. Suitable for everyday piece. You can also layer it with other necklaces.

Bird house in a house . Day 116
bird cages

Image by JARM13
Huge bird house , bird cage in a house south of New Hope . I need a little better camera .

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Check out these bird identification images:

bird identification

Image by eastpole
Help with bird identification!

bird identification

Image by Yersinia
Elmley Marshes, Isle of Sheppey, Kent, England, 12th January 2008.

Mixed flock of lapwings and other birds.


Birding|Zen Birding

Zen Birding

Zen Birding is the art of being in the moment with birds as sentient beings. Follow birder and anthropologist David M White on a journey to a greater awareness of watching birds with these captivating birding stories that illustrate the Zen lives of

List Price: $ 16.95

Price: $ 6.68

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Finch Bird Feeders|Peterson First Guide to Birds of North America

Peterson First Guide to Birds of North America

  • Author: Roger Tory Peterson
  • ISBN: 0395906660

Peterson First Guides are the first books the beginning naturalist needs. Condensed versions of the famous Peterson Field Guides, the First Guides focus on the animals, plants, and other natural things you are most likely to see. They make it fun t

List Price: $ 6.95

Price: $ 1.66

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Ajuma selling chicks, among other animals...

Some cool parakeets for sale images:

Ajuma selling chicks, among other animals…
parakeets for sale

Image by Julie Facine
Apparently it is custom to buy chicks as gifts on Easter. Also for sale, hamsters ducks and parakeets.

Adopt a Shelter Pet
parakeets for sale

Image by caruba
Depending on who you ask, 3 to 4 million cats and dogs are euthanized in US shelters every year [1].

These animals at some point in their lives ended up homeless and unwanted, and many municipal shelters and "pounds" routinely euthanize their animals if they aren’t reclaimed or adopted within approximately a week.

On the other hand, an enormous industry produces puppies for sale in so called "puppy mills". Millions of dogs spend their short and miserable lives in tiny wire cages under horrific conditions, and their only purpose is to breed and make money for their owners. [2]

With practically no exceptions, the puppy you can buy from a pet store or online was born in such a facility. Puppy mills are typically USDA licensed. The USDA requirement for a dog cage? Six inches taller and wider than the dog. [3]

Adopting a shelter dog truly saves a life, and doesn’t support the puppy mill industry. Shelter dogs are evaluated and temperament tested before they become available for adoption. They are typically spayed/neutered, up-to-date with vaccinations, and often microchipped.

There are many breed rescues and pure breed dogs in shelters as well. Please spread the word and save a life.

Can’t adopt right now? Ask if your shelter offers a foster program. Can’t have a cat or dog? Adopt a guinea pig, parakeet, or rabbit from a local small animal rescue or humane society.

The dog in this picture is Desdemona, a Lab/Pit mix, and she is available for adoption. She’s sporting her "adopt me" vest during an event in Hoboken, NJ.




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Bird Photos Why do married thirty something men post photos of themself flippingbthe bird and holding a beer as their main?

Question by : Why do married thirty something men post photos of themself flippingbthe bird and holding a beer as their main?
Main facebook foto for all their friends and family to see, if i was this mans wife i would be embarrassed…………why does a married man post dumb garbage like that?……… it called too much time on their hands or lack of responsibilities like raising children?…….what do other people think when they see such dumb shit. What is the first impression?

Best answer:

Answer by Latin G
The younger single chicks dig it.

Give your answer to this question below!

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Finches For Sale|Oklahoma Bride (Harlequin Historical)

Oklahoma Bride (Harlequin Historical)


List Price: $ 5.25

Price: $ 1.99

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Birding|National Geographic Birding Essentials

National Geographic Birding Essentials

Birding is the fastest growing wildlife-related outdoor activity in the U.S., with at least a million new birders a year estimated to join an already robust group some 80 million strong. For these beginning and intermediate enthusiasts, National Geog

List Price: $ 15.95

Price: $ 4.66

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Free Birds|Free as a Bird

Free as a Bird

Born with Down syndrome, Ruby Jean Sharp comes from a time when being a developmentally disabled person could mean growing up behind locked doors and barred windows and being called names like “retard” and “moron.” When Ruby Jean’s caregiver and lovi

List Price: $ 10.99

Price: $ 3.84

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Pics Of Birds|The Birds of East Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi (Princeton Field Guides)

The Birds of East Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi (Princeton Field Guides)

Birds of East Africa is the first comprehensive field guide to this spectacular birding region–and one of the best to any region in the world. Covering all resident, migrant, and vagrant birds of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi, this sm

List Price: $ 39.50

Price: $ 25.36

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Types Of Birds|Peterson Field Guide to Birds of Western North America, Fourth Edition (Peterson Field Guides)

Peterson Field Guide to Birds of Western North America, Fourth Edition (Peterson Field Guides)

  • Author: Roger Tory Peterson
  • ISBN: 0547152701

Field Guide to Western BirdsProduct Description With all-new range maps, updated text, and 40 new paintings, the completely revised editions of two classic Peterson Field Guides are sure to be valuable additions to any birder’s pocket or daypack. At

List Price: $ 19.95

Price: $ 10.00

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bird necklace

Check out these chromed bird images:

bird necklace
chromed bird

Image by heart-felt-robot
so, I made a necklace, and it has a bird on it.

mother of pearl bird/swallow thing, small red glass star/flower thing to hide the hole, ceramic?? or stone?? aqual/teal colored beads, medium-sized clear/chrome seed beads as fillers.

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African Grey Parrots How safe is a newspaper toy for African Grey parrots?

Question by rathishsubramaniam: How safe is a newspaper toy for African Grey parrots?
hi. My Grey parrot loves to play with newspaper. She likes to rip it apart. Is it alright? Are newspapers safe on parrots? I read few articles in the net which talks about giving newspaper and other old books for grey parrots. Because they like destroying things. Is there any other non toxic stuff which i can give for my bird. Please advice.

Best answer:

Answer by Rabbit + Guinea pig Xpert U.K
No newspaper will not harm your parrot,my nan has an African Grey parrot too & gives newspaper toys,as well as using it as bedding.

So go ahead & make some cool toys for her! xxx

Add your own answer in the comments!

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Buy Birds Stores that would buy/trade birds in Evans or Augusta GA?

Question by Eugene: Stores that would buy/trade birds in Evans or Augusta GA?
I plan to sell my Sun Conure to a store. I’m not allowed to sell them online so I’m looking for a store that would buy birds. If not then I’m willing to trade birds with the store.

PS. There’s this place called Wednesday’s Wings in the yellow pages. It says that they’re exotic bird dealers. Whenever I call them they won’t pick up. Do they buy birds?

Best answer:

Answer by picktownarianne
I don’t know of ANY store that buys birds from people. If you aren’t a licensed breeder, stores won’t generally PAY for a bird. They will, however, take the bird from you in some cases. But you won’t get any money from it. And they most certainly won’t TRADE birds. If you couldn’t take care of one bird, they aren’t going to give you another. But if you still want to make money from your bird, your only options are online. You could try

You could also try GOING to the store to ask them about their policies. Here’s the address: 3301 Peach Orchard Road, Augusta, GA 30906-4863. Type that into and find your way there.

What do you think? Answer below!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Parrot Rescue|The Second-Hand Parrot

The Second-Hand Parrot

  • Paperback / 96 Pages / 6 1/2 x 7 7/8 / 2002

Two expert parrot owners point out the pros and cons of adopting a bird that has had a previous owner. All Complete Pet Owner’s Manuals are heavily illustrated with color photos and line art, and are filled with reliable, easy-to-understand informati

List Price: $ 9.99

Price: $ 5.99

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Nice Cockatiel Birds photos

Check out these cockatiel birds images:

The aviary at Shanklin Chine
cockatiel birds

Image by lilitu93
The aviary at Shanklin Chine contains cockatiels, budgies and rosellas, including some rescue birds. All the birds looked happy and content, though some were obviously still adapating to their new home. It is a much nicer aviary than the one in the Isle of Wight Zoo.

The aviary at Shanklin Chine
cockatiel birds

Image by lilitu93
The aviary at Shanklin Chine contains cockatiels, budgies and rosellas, including some rescue birds. All the birds looked happy and content, though some were obviously still adapating to their new home. It is a much nicer aviary than the one in the Isle of Wight Zoo.

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Finches|Finches (Animal Planet Pet Care Library)

Finches (Animal Planet Pet Care Library)

Written by an expert on bird care, Finches offers useful advice on breeding, showing, and keeping these popular birds. It discusses both indoor and outdoor housing and provides an introduction to building an aviary.

List Price: $ 10.95

Price: $ 1.56

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Extinct Birds Q&A: How are Humming Birds coming extinct?

Question by The Office Ninja: How are Humming Birds coming extinct?
How are Humming Birds dying? What happens when there gone? What types of Humming Birds are going to be extinct? and, How can we solve the problem of the extinction of tne Humming Birds??

Best answer:

Answer by undercovernudist
I hope not i love those little birds i have tons of them at my house

Give your answer to this question below!

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Parrot Q&A: How do you train a parrot to be social?

Question by Amazin Caucasian: How do you train a parrot to be social?
Im planning on gettin an eclectus or an amazon parrot and was wondering if anyone had any tips on a good effective way on socializing the parrot with people. I know it takes a lot of time and patience but i am up for it, does anyone have suggestions or experiences on how to socialize one of these parrots?

Best answer:

Answer by tripleateam
Keep it Positive
The key to training your parrot is to keep the interaction positive. Three concepts provide the basis for parrot training:

1. Parrot does something good –> give a reward
2. Parrot does something undesirable –> ignore it
3. Never punish your parrot

Obviously, this is a bit simplistic, but your goal is to shape your bird’s behavior into what you want by a giving a reward for good things and ignoring (no reward, no reaction) for bad things.

The reward can be a favorite food treat, but simple praise or a play session with a treasured toy can be good motivation for some birds. If your bird is doing something undesirable, you must simply ignore the bird (your bird will not respond to punishment).

A negative reaction can turn into a reward if your bird is looking for attention (negative attention is better than no attention), so you must be careful not to unintentionally cause some undesirable behaviors to increase due to your reaction. Ignoring behavior might first cause it to intensify, but eventually the undesirable behavior will most likely stop.

How you approach training can help keep training positive:

* Train only when you are relaxed. Positive training does take patience!
* Pick a time when your bird is attentive and not distracted by eating, preening, or household activity.
* Frequent, but short, training sessions are generally more effective. A few minutes at a time, several times a day, works well.
* Pick a favorite reward (but don’t overdo it if it is food).
* Once your bird catches on to something, don’t give a treat every time (switch to praise part of the time) or your bird may only do the behavior if he/she knows you have a treat handy.
* End each session on a positive note. Wait for a successful attempt or at least a good try at whatever you are training, give a treat, and move on to something else.
* Keep training sessions upbeat and fun for your bird.

I love birds and parrots are wonderful pets. Good luck in your training! :)

What do you think? Answer below!

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hi my name is kirsty and iv been looking for a parrot for sometime now i was browzing the internet and seen an orange winged amazon 10 MONTH OLD for sale £300 talking, saying his name {sailor} and various other things,i got sailor home and he was very nervous and didnt make a sound i put that dwn to the travel hear and new faces. iv had sailor about a week now hes still quite nevous n very quite with the odd funny sound he sometimes cherps. Hes taking food from my hand threw the cage but takes it n moves off, wen i put my hands in the cage to change his food/water hes very nervos…. do you think my amazon will talk, wistle and become tame.

Best answer:

Answer by James
Has he suffered a heart attack lately? because that can shake them up.. I should know Cu’s ive got a bird, I think its either shy or has had a heart attack lately, Refer to the company you bought the bird from. I hope i helped and yes hes likely to talk in older stages, because i had a parrot, she used to sing happy birthday to me n tell me to eff off lol, I miss her and whistle yes sailor will i hope i helped.

What do you think? Answer below!

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Cool Baby Birds images

Some cool baby birds images:

Baby Bird in a Tree
baby birds

Image by kulicki
Small and puffy baby bird in a local tree.

Baby Bird on My Porch
baby birds

Image by abbyladybug
Full story here.

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Bird Photos|National Geographic Angry Birds Space: A Furious Flight Into the Final Frontier

National Geographic Angry Birds Space: A Furious Flight Into the Final Frontier

It’s one small step for birds, one giant leap for birdkind…
Blast off with the Angry Birds as they fly through space on an intergalactic rescue mission! Evil space piggies have stolen their eggs and are hiding them somewhere in outer space

List Price: $ 13.95

Price: $ 7.76

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Sapsucker on Suet

A few nice bird suet images I found:

Sapsucker on Suet
bird suet

Image by Dee West (Formerly deedoucette)

Tags:Sapsucker, Suet

Birds Pictures|Angry Birds Space Sticker Book

Angry Birds Space Sticker Book

140 Awesome Stickers! Five Great Scenes! Design your own game levels with the 140 fun stickers and thrilling backgrounds featured in this Angry Birds Space activity book!

List Price: $ 5.99

Price: $ 4.80

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Bird Suet|The Bird Feeder Book: Attracting, Identifying, Understanding Feeder Birds

The Bird Feeder Book: Attracting, Identifying, Understanding Feeder Birds

  • easy to understand bird watching guide

Copiously illustrated with maps, line drawings, and full-color photographs, this large format paperback book contains the essential information that backyard nature enthusiasts want and need — to select feeders and understand the basics of birdfeedi

List Price: $ 13.99

Price: $ 2.49

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cool Finches images

Some cool finches images:


Image by gypsy_roadhog
The finches have returned to my garden after an absence of a few years.

Closed Finch Avenue

Image by Lone Primate
This stretch of Finch was closed a year or two ago, and obviously de-surfaced.

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Bird Identification Can someone help with backyard bird identification?

Question by zayneb: Can someone help with backyard bird identification?
We have noticed some unusual birds at our feeders. They look like cardinals, except they are all brown. A few have the orange beaks like a cardinal, but most have brown beaks. But as I said, they are shaped exactly like a cardinal, with top crest and all. We live in southern Ohio, and I cannot seem to find a bird that fits this description for this area, unless they are just mutant cardinals. Anyone have any ideas?
I know female cardinals are less red than males, but they generally still have some red to them. These are COMPLETELY brown, and are too old to be juveniles as well.

Best answer:

Answer by bonami28803
Sounds like the female cardinal, she is brown, looks just like the red one, which is the male. Buy a field guide to birds.

Give your answer to this question below!

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Caged Bird Feeders What type of natural deer repellent can I use to keep deer away from my bird feeders?

Question by : What type of natural deer repellent can I use to keep deer away from my bird feeders?
I have woods behind my house and my mom feeds the deer (which I do not condone; I really wish she wouldn’t, but I can’t stop her) so our back yard is always filled with them. I just installed a new bird feeding station in my back yard in a brick lined box that has trees in it. The box is built up about a foot and a half off the ground and has two large trees enclosed in it. Between the two trees, I put the new bird station that had three hooks for bird houses/ feeders, a suet box, and a plastic bowl for a bath. Yesterday I filled the bowl with thistle, put a suet in the suet cage and put up one bird house that was full of seed and had peanuts in cages on both sides for the squirrels. However, this morning when I checked it, everything was empty except for the suet. My mom managed to take two pictures of the deer at work on my bird feeder, so I know they are the culprits. Is there anything natural that I can spray or sprinkle in the box that will keep the deer away but will still keeps the birds and squirrels coming? Are there any spices that they are not particularly fond of? Any type of vinegar or oil, perhaps?

Thanks for any help!

Best answer:

Answer by Jerry
Get a Cougar. Deer problem SOLVED !

Seriously, if you go to the local ZOO and bring home a couple buckets of Lion Feces, and distribute it around the perimeter of your property, the Deer will definitely stay away.

Add your own answer in the comments!

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Cool Extinct Birds images

Some cool extinct birds images:

almost extinct birds
extinct birds

Image by christophercjensen

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Bird Suet Cakes Is there anyway to set up a bird feeder without feeding invasive species?

Question by Rain Dear: Is there anyway to set up a bird feeder without feeding invasive species?
I’d like to set up a bird feeder, and I live in a suburb about 10 mi south of Boston. What I do not want to do is feed any invasive birds, like house sparrows, european startlings, or rock pigeons. Are there any seeds or suet cakes on the market that are rejected by these species? Are there any other tricks to feeding only native species? Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by R K
what you put out for food will determine what comes around. if you put out a hummingbird feeder
only hummingbirds can use it. if you hang up a sock full of thistle seed, only finches can use it. if you
put out a pan of wild bird seed anything around your area will eat it,including deer if any are around.
deer love bird seed. squirrels will eat it too if they are around.

What do you think? Answer below!

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bird Suet Cakes How to attracts bird to an apartment balcony with no trees around?

Question by sandywinters: How to attracts bird to an apartment balcony with no trees around?
I got a suet bird feeder and attached it to the railing of my balcony-no birds yet. Online it says to attach them to trees HOWEVER there are no trees around my balcony. How can I get the birds to come? I used an all year around no melt suet cake in the feeder.

Best answer:

Answer by gas man
woodpeckers are mainly the only ones that like suet,no trees no woodpeckers,,put oily sunflower seeds out and water,i use a heated dog dish for the h20,,may take awhile for the birds to find it,,dont waste your $ on bird seed mix,i have been feedind the birds for 30 years,they love oily sunflower seeds

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Tags:Apartment, around, attracts, Balcony, bird, Cakes, Suet, tree's

Lovebirds For Sale lovebirds for sale?

Question by tdz94: lovebirds for sale?
does any body have cheep lovebirds for sale

Best answer:

Answer by Fabian
check yahoo classifieds I would

Give your answer to this question below!

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Bird Feeders|How to Build Birdhouses & Feeders

How to Build Birdhouses & Feeders

 Filled with easy-to-follow detailed plans, Build Your Own Backyard Birdhouses and Feedersis a must-have for woodworkers, birding enthusiasts, and hobbyists. Build Your Own Backyard Birdhouses and Feedersfeatures plans in a variety of styles, from v

List Price: $ 12.99

Price: $ 7.23

Tags:bird, birdhouses, build, Feeders, Feeders|How

Blue Jay Bird How do i care for a baby blye jay bird?

Question by mschoen2u: How do i care for a baby blye jay bird?
this morning I found a baby blue jay bird in my drive way, it is in a cage now with water and a few bread crumbs, what else can I do for this lil guy to keep him alive?

Best answer:

Answer by GOODD
Does he have feathers at all? If he does you need to put him back outside. Baby birds with feathers take several days to learn to fly after they leave the nest. The parents are probably around somewhere.

Birds don’t drink a lot of water so giving him water will most likely drown him. And I’m pretty sure he’s not going to eat bread crumbs.

Call your animal control officer to get the number for a wildlife rehab center and get him down there.

#1 rule for wildlife: If you see a baby animal outside LEAVE IT ALONE

Give your answer to this question below!

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Bronze Parrot Statue behind Tropical Palms

Some cool parrot pictures images:

Bronze Parrot Statue behind Tropical Palms
parrot pictures

Image by
This bronze parrot statue stands in front of large tropical palms in Punta Brava or Puerto Cruz de Tenerife. This picture was created for my good smelling friend and can be used for FREE.

This modern art in form of a bronze parrot sculpture is a part of the local tourist attraction named the Loro Park.

The metallic color of this tropical bird statue is shining in dark golden color if the sun kisses the surface of this marvelous bird of metal.

Parrot Picture
parrot pictures

Image by Siggi Churchill
When bronze statues are unavailable, shakey wood ones will serve as well.

Tags:behind, Bronze, Palms, Parrot, Statue, tropical

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