Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Buy Birds Stores that would buy/trade birds in Evans or Augusta GA?

Question by Eugene: Stores that would buy/trade birds in Evans or Augusta GA?
I plan to sell my Sun Conure to a store. I’m not allowed to sell them online so I’m looking for a store that would buy birds. If not then I’m willing to trade birds with the store.

PS. There’s this place called Wednesday’s Wings in the yellow pages. It says that they’re exotic bird dealers. Whenever I call them they won’t pick up. Do they buy birds?

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Answer by picktownarianne
I don’t know of ANY store that buys birds from people. If you aren’t a licensed breeder, stores won’t generally PAY for a bird. They will, however, take the bird from you in some cases. But you won’t get any money from it. And they most certainly won’t TRADE birds. If you couldn’t take care of one bird, they aren’t going to give you another. But if you still want to make money from your bird, your only options are online. You could try

You could also try GOING to the store to ask them about their policies. Here’s the address: 3301 Peach Orchard Road, Augusta, GA 30906-4863. Type that into and find your way there.

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