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Bird Feeding Q&A: Can a hamster eat bird feed?

Question by Tana: Can a hamster eat bird feed?
Im getting a hamster and have a bird in an attempt to save money, can a hamster eat bird feed and still be healthy?

Best answer:

Answer by ramzi e
No, hamsters have different nutritional requirements than birds. It wouldn’t do well on bird feed and possibly develop a vitamin deficiency.

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Wild Birds Q&A: ahh wild baby bird!?

Question by Due nov 6th: ahh wild baby bird!?
My little niece was playing in the yard and found a baby bird. It has a little bit of feathers, and down, but is mostly naked. I am very experienced with water fowl, but not with wild birds. I put it in my incubator, on paper towel for now. Im not sure how long to keep him in it. I have a heat lamp ready for when ever he gets a bit more active. I think maybe he is a blue jay, or some kind of black bird. There is no wild life rescue place near me, i have already checked and the vet has no clue about birds. What should i feed it? I have wild bird feed (good for ducks, turkeys, and all sorts of fowl) I have cat food to. I can get worms if thats what i need. HELP. i feel bad for the little guy, and want to give him a chance. Has any one had any luck with helping wild birds?

Best answer:

Answer by starteless
First off get him warm then you get to make a soup for him best to get formula from pet store but temporay blend up some worms and water and give him little bits thru a syringe

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Bird Photos|Photo Inspiration: Secrets Behind Stunning Images

Photo Inspiration: Secrets Behind Stunning Images

  • Used Book in Good Condition

The inspiration you need to help improve your photography skillsWell-known for their stunning world-class photography, has worked with their most talented photographers to handpick 100 awe-inspiring images and provided the back-story and photo

List Price: $ 39.99

Price: $ 14.24

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Pet Birds I want to get a pet bird...?

Question by zydr4t3: I want to get a pet bird…?
I want to get a bird. I never had one before but I was wondering how bad one would make my room smell? I would clean the cage either everyday or every other day. Im not sure what kind of bird i want yet but it would be small or medium sized. I would be keeping it in my bedroom.

Best answer:

Answer by Dawson
Definitely get an African Grey. They’re easy to care for and don’t smell bad. In fact if they ever need something, they’ll tell u cuz they’re the worlds smartest animals. Look up Alex the African Grey on YouTube

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Bird Feeders what is a hopper style bird feeder?

bird feeders
by Rigib

Question by : what is a hopper style bird feeder?
I would like to know what it means when they say a hopper style bird feeder?
What do they look like?

Best answer:

Answer by ms bell
Hopper feeders open from the top so you can place the birdseed inside. The sides are made of plastic or glass. They are usually hung (most are hung, although some aren’t) and have a perch on the bottom which the birds sit and feed. They can be made from metal or wood, and some are squirrel resistant. Use mixed seed or black oil sunflower seeds in a hopper feeder to attract the most wild birds. Some birds attracted to hopper feeders are cardinals, nuthatches, chickadees, and jays.

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Bird Houses Q&A: Ideas for "recycled" bird house?

Question by Megan Arzberger: Ideas for “recycled” bird house?
We have to make a birdhouse out of repurposed materials. For example, one of my friends is making a bird house out of wine corks and bottles. And one of my friends is making a house out of book covers and pages. It has to be somewhat of a theme. i was gonna use liscense plates but theyre expensive. I need ideas of cheap materials that could be used to create a creative unique bird house. Any ideas?

Best answer:

Answer by K.
Old car tires. You can find them for free all over the place.

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Bird Cages|The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Caged & Aviary Birds

The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Caged & Aviary Birds

Complete reference guide to caring for pet birds in the home or an outdoor aviary.

List Price: $ 45.00

Price: $ 12.94

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List Of Birds Who can make me a list of all bird families?

Question by Ray: Who can make me a list of all bird families?
I need one since I am recording all bird species. A pretty big job for a 11 year old.. :(

Best answer:

Answer by Simply Monsterous
This site…bottom under birdchannel may help:

This site in the left margin has a bar called species lists:

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Nice Wild Birds photos

Check out these wild birds images:

Fearless Bird – FuijiFilm Finepix S2950
wild birds

Image by ladytimeless
I named this one fearless because this bird didn’t let traffic or nothing else keep it from landing a few feet from me at a stop sign..

… if you have a point & shoot Camera, please consider joining my Flickr Group Learn & Have Fun Contests

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Cockatiel Birds Q&A: Cockatiel, budgie or love bird?

Question by Omaid Khan: Cockatiel, budgie or love bird?
Which one is the most messy? And how long breaks do they take b/w pooping?

Which one is the most friendly, cuddly and playful.

Which is more likely to bite? And how hard are their bites?

Which one can talk best?

Plus I’ve always heard cockatiels are the best for starters, and thats what I want to get personally but mess is the biggest issue and I cant maintain alot of mess. Maintaining a cage is not a problem, but their poop on the floor doesn’t clean off in one go, and dry poops create airborne germs and transfer bird diseases to humans. And thats something I am scared of, I already have health issues to deal with, I don’t want more problems. So if they take long periods of break b/w pooping, can I get a single cockatiel? Cause I think one cockatiels poop equals to 2 budgies/lovebirds waste, they are bigger and thats a problem. So can a cockatiel survive alone, with lots of time and care from the owner?
EB: Ya I know but I want a pet, I have breathing problem so I cant buy a cat, they can trigger such problems. Dog is not allowed, rabbits need soil.. etc etc. Bird is the best choice, I am not really scared but just want to be on the safe side.

Best answer:

Answer by Elly Batchelor
If you are scared of the poo, you shouldn’t be even thinking of getting a bird. All three make a lot of mess. It is part of being a good owner, putting up with it. Most birds have about a 20 mintue space of time between each poo. You can tell by the body language when it is going to come out.

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Nice Flightless Birds photos

Check out these flightless birds images:

flightless birds

Image by Linden Tea

The Famous Dodos
flightless birds

Image by www78
1-meter tall flightless birds from the island of Mauritius closely related to pigeons, first discovered in 1598 and extinct by 1662, so quickly that by the 18th century few were certain of its existence. It is believed to have disappeared due to both a loss of habitat and predation by introduced species such as rats and macaques. After coming to the public eye by Lewis Carroll, it remains a cause célèbre for humanity-induced species extinction.
Natural History Museum, South Kensington, Westminster, United Kingdom

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Pics Of Birds|Persian Girls: A Memoir Reviews

Persian Girls: A Memoir

For many years, heartache prevented Nahid Rachlin from turning her sharp novelist’s eye inward: to tell the story of how her own life diverged from that of her closest confidante and beloved sister, Pari. Growing up in Iran, both refused to accept tr

List Price: $ 14.95

Price: $ 4.48

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Nice Bird Facts photos

Check out these bird facts images:

The Bird Market. Part 7 of 8.
bird facts

Image by Desmond Kavanagh
In the apparent chaos of the Esfahan Bazaar and its twisting, branching system of interconnected corridors occasionally you come across something that throws you, that seems to defy reasoning. Sometimes a locked in mosque in a blindingly bright sunlit opening, other times a mysterious brown tower visible through a few openings in the canopy above with seemingly no entrance, every so often on the path an exquisitely detailed fountain shielded from the sky by solid tall walls and a roof of small red bricks.

The people did things that I didn’t understand, they seemingly obsessively pour water on the ground outside their stalls and at midday, even though they are indoors in the cool shade, they drape a small rug and sleep in their shops, wares left unattended. The labyrinth is deathly quiet for an hour and any attempt to blend in with the locals is lost in the very fact that you are still conscious (be aware of this, once i was invited for lunch in a man’s home and found myself obliged to sleep on his living room floor afterwards!).

From a busy road in the bazaar there is a small passage that slopes down, duck down this passable street and find yourself in the beating heart of the bazaar, far from the pretty craftwork and walls lined with jewellery and clothes.

This is the bird market, patroned only by locals. It’s like a western butchers but without the morals swept under the counter, you buy it, you kill it, you eat it.

Swallow-tailed Kite Bird Flying by Moon in Sky
bird facts

Image by Captain Kimo…

I’m starting to see more Sallow-tailed Kites flying in the Florida sky. In fact I’ve seen multiple times where there were four together flying in groups. Of all the birds that I’ve photographed I find these the hardest to get a good exposure. Normally when I photograph white birds I would under expose my camera to get detail in the feathers and for darker birds I would do the opposite. But the Swallow-tailed Kite is both black and white which makes it difficult to get detail in both areas at the same time.

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African Grey Parrot Q&A: African greys- CONGO parrots?

Question by out4justicenwv: African greys- CONGO parrots?
Hi, I am trying to get as much information as possible on african greys..wanting to know more about personality and care and if there are any groups worth joining to help along the way to answer questions and such..I have not purchased one yet but have been investigating as much as I can, but would like to talk with owners who have alot of one on one action with the birds, thanks..

Best answer:

Answer by bl_fkt
I love greys and im owned by two One of hich i bred myself I no longer breed but greys are wonderfull birds the congos or silver greys are more skittish than the timneh sub species. But theyre wonderfull talkers (just realise that not all greys will talk though)

heres some bird info for you to digest as the more yo know the better you understand your birds and the better you can care for them

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Birds For Sale|Bird Watching for Cats: An Entertainment Guide for Indoor Felines

Bird Watching for Cats: An Entertainment Guide for Indoor Felines

  • Cats Book
  • Cats
  • Crafts, Hobbies & Home
  • Pets & Animal Care
  • Care & Health

Let’s face it: indoor cats may get bored when their owners are away or otherwise occupied. No more. This user-friendly, step-by-step guide takes owners through the process of establishing successful bird-watching windows for the endless enjoyment of

List Price: $ 19.50

Price: $ 3.99

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Birds Pictures Fear of bird pictures?

Question by annidez: Fear of bird pictures?
I have heard that some people have a fear of bird images – not necessarily of real birds. Lucille Ball reportedly had this issue, and I once worked for a phone order grocery company. A customer ordered paper towels, any kind – and happened to get some with ducks on them. She freaked out. Is there a name for this phobia?

Best answer:

Answer by ben d
Ornithophobia fear of birds.

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African Grey Parrots do wild congo african grey parrots talk?can i keep him with another talking parrot so he can learn?

Question by asim k: do wild congo african grey parrots talk?can i keep him with another talking parrot so he can learn?
do wild african grey parrots talk when kept with hand reared talking parrots? i bought a congo african grey he always growls and he doesnt has any ring in his feet so just i wanna know that can a wild parrot talk when it gains ur trust ? and the seller told me that he is baby so he cannot say wht the gender is? so she seems very big in size and has blackish grey eyes so is she old or young the seller also told that he is 8 months old

Best answer:

Answer by bemerz4
It can talk that is one of the most talkative bird in parrots history, but only if you teach it, it is a young adult

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Parrots For Sale Is it unlegal to sale an electus parrot in the united states?

Question by Cody Bryant: Is it unlegal to sale an electus parrot in the united states?

Best answer:

Answer by Kerbear
No, it is not illegal to sell an eclectus parrot in the u.s.

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Andrew Bird's guitarist at Prospect Park Bandshell, Brooklyn NYC 6/10/11

Check out these birds for sale images:

Andrew Bird’s guitarist at Prospect Park Bandshell, Brooklyn NYC 6/10/11
birds for sale

Image by ChrisGoldNY
Andrew Bird played a free show for opening night at the Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival. Prospect Park Bandshell, Brooklyn NYC 6/10/11

Andrew Bird at Prospect Park Bandshell, Brooklyn NYC 6/10/11
birds for sale

Image by ChrisGoldNY
Andrew Bird played a free show for opening night at the Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival. Prospect Park Bandshell, Brooklyn NYC 6/10/11

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Love Birds|Tweeting Love Birds Vol. 1 (Yaoi Manga)

Tweeting Love Birds Vol. 1 (Yaoi Manga)

Tweeting Love Birds Vol. 1 (Yaoi Manga)
Ohtaka is pissed! University baseball is not what he expected, and it's all because of Tweetie, the odd little person who blithely chirps and constantly circles in his tall shadow. Everything Tweetie doe


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Woodpecker Evidence

Check out these cornell lab of ornithology images:

Woodpecker Evidence
cornell lab of ornithology

Image by terriem
I’m guessing a pileated..but I didn’t see any. They’re supposed to be in the area.

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Buy Birds Buying Birds?

Question by Andrew A: Buying Birds?
Hello, My birds got away and i was wondering if anyone in the campbelltown area (preferably leumeah) breeds Rainbow Lorrikeets and sells them ???


Best answer:

Answer by Lyn C
why not get zebra finches?

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Birding|Birding Hot Spots of Central New Mexico (W. L. Moody Jr. Natural History Series)

Birding Hot Spots of Central New Mexico (W. L. Moody Jr. Natural History Series)

  • Used Book in Good Condition

From pine forest to desert scrub, from alpine meadow to riparian wetland, Albuquerque and its surrounding area in New Mexico offer an appealing variety of wildlife habitat. Birders are likely to see more than two hundred species during a typical yea

List Price: $ 24.95

Price: $ 15.90

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Cockatiel Birds|Cockatiels as a Hobby (Save Our Planet)

Cockatiels as a Hobby (Save Our Planet)

List Price: $ 8.95

Price: $ 2.40

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Nice Pet Birds photos

Check out these pet birds images:

Birds 11 27 03 003_1 – Climbing up the ladders_1 – Kaye and Christopher Pet Parakeet Birds
pet birds

Image by bterrycompton
– Climbing up the ladders_1 – Kaye and Christopher Pet Parakeet Birds

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All About Birds Q&A: Does bird houses work?

all about birds
by fnchng

Question by $ silly$ : Does bird houses work?
i luv birds and i was wondering does the bird house actually bring birds to feed?

Best answer:

Answer by luis r
If you place the house at a really high altitude for birds to see then its ok with food of course

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Nice All About Birds photos

Check out these all about birds images:

northern shoveler – lamellae
all about birds

Image by qmnonic
The bill of the Northern Shoveler is about 6.5 cm (2.5 inches) long. The bill has has about 110 fine projections (called lamellae) along the edges, for straining food from water. (Northern Shoveler – All About Birds)

If you look closely, you can see the projections just under her bill.

Bird Fed
all about birds

Image by JoyPog
All that food disappeared in about four days….they don’t mess around.

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Finches For Sale How can you tell if a baby bird is a parrot?

Question by Khal: How can you tell if a baby bird is a parrot?
I seen a baby bird at a pet shop yesterday and it looked like a baby parrot but i’m not sure. The bird was small and didn’t have many feathers. It had a large beak but it didn’t seem to fit its body. The bird seemed undernourished because the pet shop owner doesn’t seem to take care of any of his pets. The bird was selling for $ 55 dollars. I felt like just taking it home but i’m just not sure what kind of bird i’m getting. I think i’m going to go back today and getting it.
It had a large curved beak. When I go back i’m going to check out the feet :)
The guy told me it was a love bird and that it was already grown but that his feathers were like that. I’m still guessing its malnutrition and/or the bird may be sick :(

Best answer:

Answer by Treece
There’s over 300 species of parrots. They are distinguished by zygodactyl feet (2 forward, 2 backwards), and a strong curved beak. :) I hope that helps. Most likely it is some type of parrots. I most commonly see parrots, finches and canaries for sale in pet shops.

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Cool Blue Jay Bird images

A few nice blue jay bird images I found:

blue jay and friend
blue jay bird

Image by beaumontpete
Here is two birds looking for food in the grass. A Blue Jay (Cyanocitta cristata) and another bird which I think is a Crow.

The second bird is a Common Grackle, Quiscalus quiscula

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Mountain Lion King hunting in African Safari Zoo

Check out these thorn birds images:

Mountain Lion King hunting in African Safari Zoo
thorn birds

Image by
Free picture about the female lion who is hunting for ghosts in the real fake African landscape. This wild picture was created for you by the taxonomical friend and it can be used for free, if you link as the original author of the image.

The lion is a type of cat. He lives in contrast to other cats in packs and is characterized by the mane of the male and is now in Africa and in the Indian state of Gujarat at home.

The name "lion", similar to many Germanic and Romance languages, is derived from the Latin leo and the ancient Greek λέων (leon).

The lion is a vulnerable species, because there is a possibly irreversible population decrease between 30 and 50 percent over the past two decades took place on the African continent alone.

Lions have a short, sandy-colored or yellowish to dark ocher- colored fur. The underside and the inside legs are always lighter. Male specimens also have a long mane, which is usually dark brown, but can also be black, light brown or reddish brown. This mane is spreading from the cheeks down over her shoulders, rarely, stomach and chest. Shape and color of the mane varies not only between individuals but also within the same individual over a lifetime, depending on the physical condition.

The lion the longest shoulder height all types of cats and is also the second heaviest katspesie after the tiger. Equipped with powerful legs, a strong jaw and 8cm-long fangs, a lion large prey animals shelf pull.

In Asiatic lion’s mane is much less pronounced than their African counterparts. Young lions they absent. It takes five years for a male lion has a fully developed mane. In some areas of Africa, such as in the Tsavo National Park in Kenya are numerous males mähnenlos or have only weak manes.

The historical area of distribution of the lion involved not only large parts of Africa, but also southeastern Europe and western Asia and India . In the early Holocene, the lion was still prevalent in the north of Spain, around 5500 to 3000 BC, he is still shown from Hungary and the Ukrainian Black Sea region through bones.

Lions are adaptable and are found in many habitats. The preferred habitat of the lion is the savannah , but it also occurs in dry forests and semi-desert, early in the dry-cold mammoth steppe . Never find him in dense, humid forests or waterless deserts. Therefore, the kind missing naturally in the central African rain forests and arid deserts of North Africa and the Middle East. The term "Desert King" is thus not applicable.

There are 16,000 to 30,000 lions live in the wild. The IUCN 2008 went expect that the lion stocks worldwide declined in the last twenty years by 30 to 50 percent. A significant influence on the dwindling population, the use of land for grazing or agricultural land. The IUCN classifies the lion therefore total at risk. The Asiatic lion, the wild population of the Gir National Park in India is limited, is considered endangered.

White lions are not albinos because the pigment of their skin and eyes are normal. The white Transvaal lion individuals are irregularly in and around the Kruger National Park and the adjacent Timbavati Private Nature Reserve on the eastern South Africa encountered, but occurs more often in captivity where breeders selectively operates.

Lions are less clean than, say, domestic cats. In general, only the nose is cleaned. Is mutual grooming is unique to severe contamination, such as by blood of their prey.

The Young Lions suck from this point not only for the mother but also for the other females, so that the education is for all female members of the pack. At the age of six months, lion cubs are weaned, they stay on for about two years with the mother.

The life span of a lion can be fourteen to twenty years. In general, however, only females can reach such an age. Males grow long ago killed by a younger competitors or sold, no pack and find more starve. Often they are therefore no more than seven to twelve years. The zoo , however, some lions have lived up to 34 years.

Construction of the bridge came to a standstill, as the lions invaded in camps that were fenced with high walls and there thorn people killed and devoured. The head of the construction project, the British Lieutenant Colonel John Henry Patterson , needed nine months to track down the two lions to death. Both lions were found to be healthy males who were mähnenlos and of an unusual size. They were from the tail tip to 2.95 or 2.90 meters long and had a shoulder height of 1.20 or 1.15 meters.

Lions rest mostly inactive for about 20 hours a day. They can be active at any time, but their activities reached a peak at dusk, associated with socialization, cleaning and feces. Alternating short-short outbursts of activities take place throughout the night hours until dawn, when most hunted. Walk two hours per day on average and set aside 50 minutes daily for food.

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Goldfinch|The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt in A Brief Read: A Summary Reviews

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt in A Brief Read: A Summary

Warning: This is not the actual book, The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. This is A Brief Read of The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt, as summarized and interpreted by Tara Waller. Donna Tartt has created a beautifully complex story of love showing an appreciatio

List Price: $ 12.99

Price: $ 11.62

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Free Bird: Ieri despre alataieri

Some cool free birds images:

Free Bird: Ieri despre alataieri
free birds

Image by Evive…

Free Bird: Ieri despre alataieri
free birds

Image by Evive…

Tags:alataieri, bird, despre, free, Ieri

Birds Eye Question about bird poop in eye?

Question by : Question about bird poop in eye?
I was climbing off out boat onto an abandoned housing foundation today to get a fishing lure i had thrown in there in an attempt to hook a snook but no avail but anyway and the piling had bird **** on it i cleaned it off with the fresh water hose in our boat and when
I got home i washed my hands with ALOT of dishwashing soap a lot of soap lol. Then i took a shower and soaped and all that stuff than a little later i was watching tv and i was picking an eye booger when i remembered i touched bird **** earlier. Am i at any risk at all for any diseases i mean there was none in my fingernails at all at the time but if there was just even the tiniest piece of dry bird **** could it do anything? Thanks and im not a troll just someone whose trying to enjoy their vacation. Thank you

Best answer:

Answer by Robin
the only thing to worry about concerning bird poo in your eye is getting brain damage but don’t worry cuz you already have it

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Thistle Bird Seed How do I attract birds to my bird feeder?

Question by Dana Malik: How do I attract birds to my bird feeder?

Best answer:

Answer by Abel Gordillo
well, i have expirimented with birds, in my back yard of course, so you can get some hard cookies or bread and lay bits of it on top and more inside the bird feeder, raw rice will also work very niceley in attrackting them. and as time passes if the place becomes popular try putting up a birdbath.

Note: when you see one land on the ground or on the birdhouse step away or watch them indoors through a window because they tend to get on high cables and watch the one that gets down and if the one on the ground stays long enough the others will think its safe.

Hope this helps. lol :)

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All About Birds|Feeding and Sheltering Backyard Birds: All You Need to Know About Proper Food and Feeding, Housing, and Care Throughout the Year

Feeding and Sheltering Backyard Birds: All You Need to Know About Proper Food and Feeding, Housing, and Care Throughout the Year

For those bird watchers and nature lovers, here’s information on building houses and feeders that will attract many beautiful wild birds. Details for more than 65 visiting species are given. Nearly 100 illustrations and more than 40 striking, full-co

List Price: $ 7.99

Price: $ 0.64

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Bird Table why can birds stand on electric poles, without getting electric current?

Question by abdool w: why can birds stand on electric poles, without getting electric current?
standing on electric wires on electric poles, birds do not get electric shocks. Why?

Best answer:

Answer by neodracolith
They aren’t grounded. As soon as they touch another wire, ZAP!

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All About Birds what is a Bird Dog?????????

Question by monkey man: what is a Bird Dog?????????
Poll what is a Bird Dog?
my dog is called a Bird Dog
she is a yo-lab

Best answer:

Answer by ohdrego~
A type of staplegun.

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Bird Photos|Bird Decoys of North America: Nature, History, and Art

Bird Decoys of North America: Nature, History, and Art

Sumptuous, informative, and written by a leading scholar in the field, this is the ultimate book on North American bird decoys. Shaw provides an insightful look at the decoy’s Native American origins through its evolution, and demonstrates that altho

List Price: $ 40.00

Price: $ 7.07

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Thistle Bird Seed|Down-To-Earth Natural Lawn Care

Down-To-Earth Natural Lawn Care

List Price: $ 16.95

Price: $ 11.47

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Finch Bird Feeders Wild birds won't use bird feeder.?

Question by Trickpat: Wild birds won’t use bird feeder.?
I put a bird feeder in the tree in front of our apartment. This is a large tree that many birds use. However they will not touch the birdseed in the feeder. Someone gave me finch seeds; is it possible wild birds won’t eat finch food? I assumed wild birds would eat any kind of seed.

Best answer:

Answer by tom johnson
try beef n cheddars from arby’s thier great

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Identifying Birds can any one identify this bird?

Question by Jr. is angry: can any one identify this bird?
i am have a problem with birds in my porch that will not leave, when i go out there, they scream, then birds out side scream.

can you identify the birds? can you tell me why they wont leave the porch ? why do the outside birds scream?

it has been suggested the bird in the porch is too young to fly away and mom is the one outside screaming. but, in the last video, you will see where two were roosting last night. when i posted the video of the roosting, i was told it was a nest, but in this video i do not see anything that would suggest it was a nest, like debris.

here are the videos, sound is included, maybe you can identify by the screaming.
i suggest you turn the volume down, in the second video the outside ones get loud, even louder when i open the window.

(i know it looks like “duh, just open the window, it is trying to leave” but when i open one of those large windows, it does not leave. it will only fly into glass, screens, ladders, buckets, walls. not through open windows)

here are the other questions, if you need more info.;_ylt=AqIAmQfSuAz.Sr7HGUVGvdvty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090702182639AAg7oXE;_ylt=AoCEyzs_Ota_XAo813lK5_nty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090702220244AALb2yf

this is in Connecticut, USA.
birdgirl -

if i knew it was a nest, i would not be asking.
i do not see a nest, i see a roost.

in the video where i film the bush and the tree, that is through the open window. the windows the bird flies into are hinged at the top and swing open from the bottom, then clip to the ceiling. the opening is about 4′ x 2 ‘. i have left it open all day and the birds will not leave.
I have had as many as 6 flying around in that porch on two different occasions.
i know i posted this before, which is why i linked to the other questions.
i am fully aware of a momma bird staying near the nest until her babies can fly. i have never seen a bird that will not leave, and a mom that wont come in to take care of the bird.
i do not believe the nest is in the porch, i think the bird may have gotten stuck there somehow after leaving his nest. I would like to get him out, figure out how he got in, and seal the entrance.
to do this, i need to learn why the birds are acting this way

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Answer by L!@M
You have a family of Carolina Wrens! They probably are nesting inside your porch because Carolina Wrens nest in the literally weirdest places. They will be probably be fine if you leave them alone and don’t bother them.

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