Friday, February 28, 2014

Wild Birds Q&A: ahh wild baby bird!?

Question by Due nov 6th: ahh wild baby bird!?
My little niece was playing in the yard and found a baby bird. It has a little bit of feathers, and down, but is mostly naked. I am very experienced with water fowl, but not with wild birds. I put it in my incubator, on paper towel for now. Im not sure how long to keep him in it. I have a heat lamp ready for when ever he gets a bit more active. I think maybe he is a blue jay, or some kind of black bird. There is no wild life rescue place near me, i have already checked and the vet has no clue about birds. What should i feed it? I have wild bird feed (good for ducks, turkeys, and all sorts of fowl) I have cat food to. I can get worms if thats what i need. HELP. i feel bad for the little guy, and want to give him a chance. Has any one had any luck with helping wild birds?

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Answer by starteless
First off get him warm then you get to make a soup for him best to get formula from pet store but temporay blend up some worms and water and give him little bits thru a syringe

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