Thursday, February 27, 2014

African Grey Parrot Q&A: African greys- CONGO parrots?

Question by out4justicenwv: African greys- CONGO parrots?
Hi, I am trying to get as much information as possible on african greys..wanting to know more about personality and care and if there are any groups worth joining to help along the way to answer questions and such..I have not purchased one yet but have been investigating as much as I can, but would like to talk with owners who have alot of one on one action with the birds, thanks..

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Answer by bl_fkt
I love greys and im owned by two One of hich i bred myself I no longer breed but greys are wonderfull birds the congos or silver greys are more skittish than the timneh sub species. But theyre wonderfull talkers (just realise that not all greys will talk though)

heres some bird info for you to digest as the more yo know the better you understand your birds and the better you can care for them

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