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Nice Bird Facts photos

Check out these bird facts images:

The Bird Market. Part 7 of 8.
bird facts

Image by Desmond Kavanagh
In the apparent chaos of the Esfahan Bazaar and its twisting, branching system of interconnected corridors occasionally you come across something that throws you, that seems to defy reasoning. Sometimes a locked in mosque in a blindingly bright sunlit opening, other times a mysterious brown tower visible through a few openings in the canopy above with seemingly no entrance, every so often on the path an exquisitely detailed fountain shielded from the sky by solid tall walls and a roof of small red bricks.

The people did things that I didn’t understand, they seemingly obsessively pour water on the ground outside their stalls and at midday, even though they are indoors in the cool shade, they drape a small rug and sleep in their shops, wares left unattended. The labyrinth is deathly quiet for an hour and any attempt to blend in with the locals is lost in the very fact that you are still conscious (be aware of this, once i was invited for lunch in a man’s home and found myself obliged to sleep on his living room floor afterwards!).

From a busy road in the bazaar there is a small passage that slopes down, duck down this passable street and find yourself in the beating heart of the bazaar, far from the pretty craftwork and walls lined with jewellery and clothes.

This is the bird market, patroned only by locals. It’s like a western butchers but without the morals swept under the counter, you buy it, you kill it, you eat it.

Swallow-tailed Kite Bird Flying by Moon in Sky
bird facts

Image by Captain Kimo…

I’m starting to see more Sallow-tailed Kites flying in the Florida sky. In fact I’ve seen multiple times where there were four together flying in groups. Of all the birds that I’ve photographed I find these the hardest to get a good exposure. Normally when I photograph white birds I would under expose my camera to get detail in the feathers and for darker birds I would do the opposite. But the Swallow-tailed Kite is both black and white which makes it difficult to get detail in both areas at the same time.

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