Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cockatiel Birds Q&A: Cockatiel, budgie or love bird?

Question by Omaid Khan: Cockatiel, budgie or love bird?
Which one is the most messy? And how long breaks do they take b/w pooping?

Which one is the most friendly, cuddly and playful.

Which is more likely to bite? And how hard are their bites?

Which one can talk best?

Plus I’ve always heard cockatiels are the best for starters, and thats what I want to get personally but mess is the biggest issue and I cant maintain alot of mess. Maintaining a cage is not a problem, but their poop on the floor doesn’t clean off in one go, and dry poops create airborne germs and transfer bird diseases to humans. And thats something I am scared of, I already have health issues to deal with, I don’t want more problems. So if they take long periods of break b/w pooping, can I get a single cockatiel? Cause I think one cockatiels poop equals to 2 budgies/lovebirds waste, they are bigger and thats a problem. So can a cockatiel survive alone, with lots of time and care from the owner?
EB: Ya I know but I want a pet, I have breathing problem so I cant buy a cat, they can trigger such problems. Dog is not allowed, rabbits need soil.. etc etc. Bird is the best choice, I am not really scared but just want to be on the safe side.

Best answer:

Answer by Elly Batchelor
If you are scared of the poo, you shouldn’t be even thinking of getting a bird. All three make a lot of mess. It is part of being a good owner, putting up with it. Most birds have about a 20 mintue space of time between each poo. You can tell by the body language when it is going to come out.

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