Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cool Birdcage images

Check out these birdcage images:

Vintage Coal Miner’s Birdcage End-panel – Reproduction

Image by ficusdesk
A finished end-panel of the Coal Miner’s Birdcage that I am building. I got the spacing of the drilled holes off by a millimeter or two and several bars are slightly off-vertical. With some practice and developing a better way to align the holes, this problem will be resolved.

End Panels of Coal Miner’s Birdcage Reproduction

Image by ficusdesk
The second end panel of the Coal Miner’s Birdcage does not require a flat panel board, so the spindles run the entire height of the unit.
Initially, I glued the drilled holes before inserting the spindles but the fit is so tight anyway this is probably unnecessary.
In the original cages, the spindles were probably not glued either. The spindles were required to be removable in the event of breakage, or to remove the dead bird.

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