Friday, May 31, 2013

Bird Cages What is the proper way to restore a bird cage?

Question by papistinkbomb: What is the proper way to restore a bird cage?
I found a very nice and unique bird cage but it seems the previous owner did a crappy job of painting it. It looks as though they hand painted it over chipping and peeling paint. It is an older looking semi-circle cage thats about 4′ high, and seems to be delicate, like an antique. What steps should I take to properly restore this cage, and make it safe for smaller birds (ie keets, budgies, canaries)?

Is paint thinner ok to use?
And why do people always suggest using powder coat?


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Answer by Fattychronic Blunt
it would be better to buy a new cage. old cages carry disease, it was empty for a reason

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