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Bird Pictures Where to find spoonbill birds in south Florida?

Question by Kelley: Where to find spoonbill birds in south Florida?
I love bird watching and picture taking. I resently had the opertunity to rescue a young spoonbill that was just walking around and looked sick in Miami. Wow! A real spoonbill right in my hands. The wild life center took it in with open arms when i arived with it..

Now Id like to take some pictures of them in the wild. Does anyone know of a good place where I can take pictures of them in action, hunting, feeding there young and in a group?

Thanks so much for your time:)

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Answer by gail
You might really enjoy a local bird club. Try a google search w a phrase like “birding clubs in” whatever town you live in. Or check for Audubon chapters in Florida: More info on birding sites in FL:

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