Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bird Identification Q&A: Help with bird identification?

Question by greydoc6: Help with bird identification?
Yesterday a bird perched in our tree for a long time. We live in southwestern Ohio but I have never seen this species before. It appeared to me a passerine. Slightly larger than a mockingbird. Light grey head, wings and tail. Faint roufous patch on wings (?secondaries) and darker grey, almost black at the tips of the primaries. The bill was about three-fourths of an inch perhaps longer, yellow underneath with a black stripe on top. It was slightly downward curved. The breast, belly and sides were snow white. The tail was similar to that of a mocking bird, also grey, but with white patches along the distal outer tail feathers. The legs were pale grey.
Any ideas?

Best answer:

Answer by S
Try doing a search using the color of the bird. Don’t look for website, search under images and go from there.

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