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Hummingbirds Can hummingbirds eat Oriole nectar?

Question by shadowboxer78: Can hummingbirds eat Oriole nectar?
I found some Oriole nectar on clearance and would love to use it in hummingbird feeders as long as it’s safe for them. I hate using sugar mixture if I can use this colorful, premixed nectar that also has vitamins and minerals for birds.

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Answer by Judy
The hummingbird and Oriole nectar are exactly the same. The nectar you buy in the store is made the same as it is at home except it has that awful food coloring in it. I have a bird book with hummingbirds and Orioles and their nectar is made the same and cheaper if you make it at home and don’t add any coloring to it at all. Those birds will love it just the same.
I always make double batches of the nectar because I am refilling my bird feeder every day and it helps to have it made and ready kept in the refrigerator. I use 4 cups of water and bring to a boil, then add 1 cup of sugar and bring to a boil again for one minute. That makes one filling of a 1 quart bird feeder. That is why I make 2 batches because I have several birds that drink it down each day. yes I have purchased the nectar already made in the stores but since these birds drink it so quickly I prefer to make my own from the directions of my bird book. The Oriole nectar was probably on clearance because it was getting old. Read up on Hummingbirds and Orioles and you will see the same recipe to use for them.

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