Thursday, May 22, 2014

Cockatiel cockatiels?

Question by Michael B: cockatiels?
can a cockatiel eat quacker granola with honey almonds and oats. also how can u make a cockatiels cage more realistic like it would be in the wild. also can a 12 year old take care of a cockatiel (me). The cage i willget is twicw the size of a normal cockatiel caage so i have plenty of space to put things insside. ( iwill be getting the bird at the end of the month) thanks
what plants are safe so i can put them in the cage wit the bird. I live in port st lucie and there is a lot of pine trees is that ok
also i am not home from 9:30 4 is that ok

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Answer by Corn is not dog food! No wheat!
Granola, honey, almonds and oats are all good for cockatiels. They also need a big variety of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Honey should be considered candy.
Seeds and nuts are high in fat and should be treats.

Do make the cage more realistic. Keep in mind everything needs to be non-toxic and the cage will have to be draft free if you aren’t going to cover it with a sheet.

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