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Buy Birds Buying a bird from the flea market tips?

Question by : Buying a bird from the flea market tips?
I just want to know is there anything I should be aware of and how can I detect scams? I know the flea market is not such a wise place to shop but the breeders in my area are not that generous and pet supermarkets sell the parrots for about $ 500+ but the flea market I see online have low prices.

I’m going to make sure my parents help me get it checked up at the vet after I buy it but is there anything else I need to do or be aware of?

-I have $ 100 by the way do you think I could talk them into giving me two parrots or at least one good one?
I’m going to have to do a check up even if I did buy it from a breeder,

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Answer by Lilmiss
I honestly wouldn’t recommend buying from a flea market. The birds there are often malnourished and carry parasites or disease, and this is the reason why they are so cheap. On top of it, they are also likely not hand tamed so you could potentially buy a sick bird that is mean.

You are better off buying a bird from a breeder, yes it is more expensive but at a reputable breeder you would save on the cost of the vet bill. Also most breeders sell hand tamed parrots, which is why they are so expensive – it is worth getting a parrot that you can handle and play with rather then one stuck in a cage because you can’t touch it without it drawing blood.

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