Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Parrot For Sale can someone help with hawhead parrot.?

Question by : can someone help with hawhead parrot.?
I would like to but or adopt a hawk head parrot. But it seems impossible. May someone tell me where can I get one of these beautiful bird to care and nurture?

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Answer by John T
Hawkheaded amazons are very impressive; I worked with one many years ago that was a riot. They have a “happy” screech that could wake the dead; almost as loud as a cockatoo.

You’re not likely to find one looking to be adopted. If you wanted to buy one, there are many breeders. A simple Yahoo search for “hawk headed amazons” brought up several breeder pages. You want to make sure it comes from a reputable breeder, and isn’t a wild-caught animal; pet store birds are sometimes from the wild, breeder birds are not. Being hand-reared is vital, that way they imprint on humans.

Be aware that parrots are like tattoos; if you get one, you can pretty much plan on having it for the rest of your life… and, like tattoos, that’s not necessarily a good thing.

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