Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Love Birds Caring for Love Birds?

Question by : Caring for Love Birds?
Im Planning On Getting A Love Bird This Week But I Was Wondering If You Could Keep Then In Singles Or If They Needed To Be In Pairs, And Also I Go To School So My Love Bird Would Be Alone Till 3:30, Would She Be Alright Till Then.

I Really Want Her To Get Attached To Me And I Want To Train Her!

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Answer by Green Eagle
Love birds don’t need to be in pairs, but then they will need more company. Birds get attached to other birds in the cage, so keep that in mind. Before you go to school, you can put a mirror in the cage so the bird thinks there is another bird in the cage and won’t be lonely when you aren’t there. But keep in mind that she can get attached to the “bird”. If you spend a lot of time with her, then she will be attached to you.

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Site all about love birds.
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Another site about love birds, but it teaches you how to train them, as well as the other site.

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