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Parrot Rescue conure parrot infomation !!!!!!?

Question by Jess: conure parrot infomation !!!!!!?
please give me infomation about conure parrots specifically sun conure and green cheeks :)

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Answer by Steph
What’s the question? Part of being a responsible owner is doing lots of research, especially when it comes to difficult animals like parrots.

Both sun conures and green cheeks are small, usually cuddly sweet birds if socialized properly. Green cheeks are known to many people to be nippy, I find this is only the case if the breeder/owner hasn’t put enough work into them and that they can be very very nice. The main difference between the two, other than obvious appearance is noise. Sun conures are very, very noisy birds.

I love sun conures, I have met many very nice suns. However, don’t take it lightly when I say they’re extremely loud. If you have close neighbours that won’t appreciate a screaming bird, forget it. If you can’t handle a lot of noise don’t even bother. A healthy happy bird usually screams at least twice a day, you can’t stop them. I’ve worked with many sun conures and their screams drove me quite nuts and this is coming from an experiend bird person who has an amazon that screams regularly. Be prepared is all I can say, visit a breeder during late afternoon and listen to the screams, now imagine that in your house every day. Or look up videos of screaming suns with the volume turned to full and imagine that in your house every day. Can you handle it?

Sun conures would be more expensive than a green cheek. From a good breeder you’re looking to spend $ 450-$ 600 on a sun, at least in my area. They need a large cage as they’re very playful, at least 24″W x 24 x 36″H. Anything smaller is cruel. A good quality cage will run you $ 400 – $ 500. Parrots need a constant supply of toys and should have at least 4-5 toys in the cage at all times and spare toys to rotate every couple weeks. Wooden toys for chewing are best, as are leather and acrylic toys, Acrylic is easy to clean but by nature birds need to chew wood, these need to be replaced often. You should budget at least $ 50 every month for new toys, like babies parrots get bored of the same toys. A variety of perches should be available of different textures and thicknesses to keep feet healthy. Natural wood perches are best, rope perches are soft on the feet and easy to grip but must be inspected for loose threads that can be dangerous. Start up cost of perches and toys should be about $ 100 or more depending on how crazy you go decorating the cage.

Vet costs for parrots is quite high as most vets won’t treat birds. You need an avian specialty vet as they’re considered exotic pets. To get a full wellness check including blood tests can be $ 200+ but varies by location. You need to get the bird checked when you first get it and at least once a year. Parrots won’t show illness until very very sick and close to death so regular check-ups are extremely important.

Sun conures can be a great choice in the right situation, but a HUGE number end up in rescues or sold to multiple owners because of their loud voice. They’re not a bird for everyone but can be wonderful companions in the right home.

Here’s a couple great videos of a screaming sun, they are not this loud all the time but many use their loud voices often. Turn your volume way up to get full effect.

A green cheek will cost you about $ 150- $ 450 as they come in a variety of beautiful mutations (colors). Obviously the rarer the color the more expensive. Cage size should be at least 24″x22″. All other information pertaining to suns also pertains to green cheeks. They are known as a great bird for people that want a larger bird than a cockatiel or lovebird without dealing with extreme loudness or biting of many parrot species. Keep in mind all parrots bite, you will get bitten on occasion and as a parrot owner you learn to live with it. But if given daily attention and socialization green cheeks can be awesome little companions.

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