Sunday, June 15, 2014

African Grey Parrot|An Introduction to Language

An Introduction to Language

  • The text has been thoroughly revised to reflect developments in linguistics and related fields, with topics clarified and many new exercises included–all to enhance students’ understanding and insight. IPA symbols are used throughout.
  • Discussions about the grammar and other linguistic characteristics of American Sign Language, and other sign languages of deaf people, are woven throughout to reveal the pervasive parallels with spoken languages.
  • Each chapter ends with an array of helpful review materials, including a chapter summary, a comprehensive list of references, suggestions for further reading, and exercises.
  • Exercises offer instructional options and learning opportunities designed to maximize students’ comprehension and mastery of text material.
  • The text’s signature cartoons illustrate the authors’ clear descriptions of complex linguistic points and principles.

Assuming no prior knowledge of linguistics, AN INTRODUCTION TO LANGUAGE, Tenth Edition, is appropriate for a variety of fields–including education, languages, psychology, cognitive science, anthropology, English, and teaching English as a Second Lan

List Price: $ 183.95

Price: $ 139.35

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