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African Grey Parrots African Grey Parrot Help?

Question by Soliloquy: African Grey Parrot Help?
I’ve been thinking about purchasing an african grey parrot. I have read tons of books about them, but I’m still left with some questions. What would be the main cons of owning one? Also, I am still in school, so would it be okay for him/her to be alone while I’m at school, so long as I take it out for the rest of the day (several hours)? In the time that I’m not there, I would play music or leave the tv on so it would not be entirely lonely. Would this be fine?

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Answer by Jessie
I have a Timneh African Grey Parrot ( smaller than the Congo ) and they are great birds but do require a lot of time and energy. They are very intellegent and therefore can get bored easily. Without the time needed they can get nasty or develope behavioral problems ( feather plucking etc..). Yes, they can be left alone for a period of time but also need time for play and interraction with it’s human. While away, keep music/tv down low and give him things to play with. Rotate toys every week in his cage so he doesn’t get bored with the old ones. My Grey loves the toys that makes him forage for food ( toys that make him think and do things to get the food/treats out and gives a reward). Also, Greys are prone to Chalcium/Phos. decefiencies, so make sure you supplement him with those. They also require 10 hrs. of undesturbed sleep a night, so if you are planning on having late night parties etc a grey is not right for you. They also are very weary of new people so a lot of people coming in and out will add stress to your bird. These are all things you must think about before taking on the responsiblity of getting a Grey.

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