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Wild Birds URGENT what and how to feed a baby wild bird? URGENT?

Question by Jimena: URGENT what and how to feed a baby wild bird? URGENT?
ok so I was in the countryside and I found a nest. In the nest there where three baby birds. I left them alone but kept checking on them regularly. Yesterday two where dead and one was shivering and wet so my parents told me to take it or it would die. It is very small,it has some black feathers and a huge yellow beak. I put him in a shoe box near a heating pad and now he is much better but keeps squeaking and begging for food but I don’t know what to feed it! I also don’t know how or with what i can feed it. Any help please???? btw I can’t go to a rehabilitation centre. HELP!!!!!

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Answer by Brianna
Usually, wild birds eat insects, so if its possible, buy small meal worms in a pet store and squish them until they become a pulp, then offer it to the baby bird. If it accepts it eagerly, then you have found a solution. Then you will only need to add some water in the pulp, so that it will be able to drink as well.

Baby birds can usually also eat the pulp of a banana, apple, pears, etc. Make sure that if you create a pulp of any of these fruits, to add water so that it can easily swallow it. Remember that in the wild, the mother will regurgitate the food, and it would be moisturized.
Once you find the correct food offer it to the baby bird every two hours.

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