Monday, May 12, 2014

Thistle Bird Seed Is it bad for boxers ( a type of dog ) to eat bird food ?

Question by Jerika: Is it bad for boxers ( a type of dog ) to eat bird food ?
we feed birds their food outside and we keep the bag inside. we left our house for like 6 hours when we came home, one of our dogs have gotten in the bird food bag. i tried searching up on the internet results to this question and got no answers . i didn’t try very hard though so i thought this would be easier , could you please answer this question ? thanks ..

Best answer:

Answer by Labrador Lover <3
My Lab mix gets into bird food all the time. Its mostly just sunflower seeds so i just assumed it was alright. Other kinds of bird food may or may not be good for them such as thistle and chemically altered stuff. For the most part though it is completely harmless.

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