Friday, May 16, 2014

Lovebirds Which is more noisy - budgie or lovebird?

Question by ugogo: Which is more noisy – budgie or lovebird?
I have budgies and I want a love bird. My budgies chatter non-stop and I was wondering whether lovebirds are also like this?

Even if lovebirds are louder, do they constantly chirp all day long? Even if kept alone?
Also, I do have a lot of spare time so keeping a single lovebird isn’t a problem.

By the way, it’s not me who can’t tolerate noise, I actually love the noises that birds make, it’s my family that have a problem with it.
Ok, so lovebirds are more noisy? Well, would one lovebird be more noisy than 6 budgies? I kinda doubt it but I just need your opinions. :)

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Answer by Matt
look into this forum it should help

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