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Question by Val: I NEED BIRD CAGE HELP!?
okay so, my mom found an old stainless steel bird cage at a yard sale, and the metal is chipped, and theres some rust at the top, and the sides of the cage, not too much tho. and it’s kind of dirty and has white marks even though i cleaned it. anyway I told my mom that we need a new cage because I don’t want the new bird to die, and who knows if this cage holds diseases. My dad said he can put special stuff on it, and paint it, but i think that the paint is gonna chip off and go in the birds mouth or something. I’m still scared that the bird will die, and it’ll be all their fault, and they will blame it on me. They refuse to buy a new cage for $ 30.00 , and i offered to pay half but still no. Please I need help what do I do!

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Answer by Joseph
Honestly even though it seems/sounds like it is bad shape you could use it as is if you wanted to with no issue. However you can sand it down(mainly the rust/chipped spots), prime them and repaint them if you want. Concerning diseases, once it is cleaned you are good to go.

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