Thursday, May 15, 2014

Cockatiel Birds Q&A: Bonding With A Bird Cockatiel?

Question by Cookeh: Bonding With A Bird Cockatiel?
Is there any good methods that work to bond and create a friendship with a cockatiel?

Best answer:

Answer by Danny
there is a lot of ways but the best ones are to always communicate with your bird face to face or even whistle to it, this will help create a bond with you and your cockatiel and it will also teach your bird to whistle and say a few words. another method is to always take your bird out of its cage, you don’t even need to play with it, just put it on your shoulder and talk to it pet it etc… but if you want to have a really good relationship with your bird play with it. In general you can do meny things to help create a bond with you and your bird since it is a cockatiel it should int be to hard to get along

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