Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wild Birds HELP! I found a wild FLORIDA bird?

Question by nofightinhaha: HELP! I found a wild FLORIDA bird?
In my dad’s screened in pool area. He was sitting under the table. Most birds try to fly away and squak when you touch ‘em, but he just let us touch him and pick him up. He hoped away at one point but he doesn’t seem too threatened. He can’t fly. He won’t eat an apple.

He is brown and grey and rat-sized. He has a long skinny black beak. He looks like a falcon in the face. His feet are metalic black. What kind is he?

How do I take care of him? What do I feed him? What sounds like is wrong with him?

I need info PLEASE! He just sits there. If you pick him up he floofs up his feathers. Help. Thank you.
He spread his wings then just died :(

Best answer:

Answer by Lindsay
call the wild life refuge.

Here is one in FL.

Do NOT try and KEEP him. He is a WILD bird and needs to be seen by a professional and then set back in the wild.

You could risk the chances of getting sick from a WILD animal. God knows what kinds of diseases this thing has.. before ya know it you could be spreading something like Small Pox.

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