Thursday, April 10, 2014

One of the birds in Chester Zoo's Tsavo Bird Safari

A few nice bird identification images I found:

One of the birds in Chester Zoo’s Tsavo Bird Safari
bird identification

Image by Dunnock_D
Identification coming soon.

The Great Guillemot High Jump Contest
bird identification

Image by left-hand
Forgive me if my bird identification has failed me here, but these guillemots (?) were taken on a trip to the Farne Islands off the Northumbrian coast, a truly jaw-dropping sight to nature lovers world over. Home to almost 300 species of birds and no humans, these islands are like nowhere else I’ve visited before. (Probably many more) Farne images to come..! For more information, look up the Farne Islands on Wikipedia…

Part of The Mull & Cornish Choo-Choo set.

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