Saturday, April 26, 2014

gök kafes

Some cool bird cages images:

gök kafes
bird cages

Image by Serkan Yüce

She Posed for Me !
bird cages

Image by Jill Clardy
I was squatting down in the garden trying to capture close-ups of a mourning dove that seems to have made our yard her base of operations, when out of the corner of my eye, not 6 feet away, this hummingbird landed on the top rail of one of the tomato cages. I stood up slowly and focused, all while she warily kept an eye on me.

I had to over-expose this a bit becauses he was in full sun and the chest feathers were very under-exposed.
(I did some more research after posting this earlier and thinking that it was a male; the male Anna’s has a bright red ruff of neck feathers.)

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