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Bird Photos Please help! First bird ever~! and I'm already panicking~!?!?

Question by Sweet17: Please help! First bird ever~! and I’m already panicking~!?!?
My dad said I might get a bird or 2 (but that’s my idea) and please answer some questions! Thanx!
What are the basic needs for birds? for example food-seeds, etc.
Can you name all the pet bird breeds? (that is not large)
Should i get a bird from petco? or are there other pet stores (i wish there were birds in the adoption centers but unfortunately, there isn’t)
i have 2 hamsters (females)… how should i introduce them safely to each other?
Are there any thing else i have to know about birds? I would be grateful if you name the specific bird… but its your choice
I want a bird that is not big and ones that get along with there same breed. Also, does petco sell those click buttons for training birds?
THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! U SAVED MY LIFE! by the way, i cant live without an animal by my side….

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for bird breeds i have a pet cockatiel, there lovely birds with a beutiful color. they have a crest on there head to tell you if there happy or not. there very social and love to be around people, plus they like to talk (if you get a male). but there attention is very overdemanding. luckily i have my grandparents at home who watch him.

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