Monday, March 31, 2014

Hummingbirds Q&A: How common are hummingbirds in Oklahoma?

Question by radioactive_babywipes: How common are hummingbirds in Oklahoma?
I’ve seen hummingbird feeders at the store and I didn’t want to get one unless the probability of getting a hummingbird to come was pretty high. Unless, other birds eat the same nectar…?

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Answer by LeeAnn S
Hummingbirds are quite common. There are about 7 species in Oklahoma that visit for about 6 months out of the year, April through October. . So, buy the feeder, it may take a while, but they’ll get used to having food near your home and will stop by pretty often. You may find yourself making the sugar water mixture daily to put into the feeders. My grandpa used to make a huge jug at once and then kept refilling the feeders that way. Have fun!

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