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Cockatiel Hand Fed Cockatiel questions?

Question by Jennifer: Hand Fed Cockatiel questions?
I am going to be getting a hand fed female or male cockatiel in early September. I wanted to know if hand fed cockatiels are quieter than other cockatiels. Would a female be quieter? I know all birds make noise but i want to limit the noise as much as possible. i can take the bird out for 6 hours a day. i have a large cage will many foraging toys and perches. If i am in my room upstairs with the bird and my door is closed, will my mom be able to hear the bird downstairs? Would a female be better? I am going to ask the breeder who is the quietest. i have had two parakeets before so i know how loud they are. will one female cockatiel be quieter than two parakeets? please help! my mom does not like loud noise all day. :)

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Answer by Deidra
Uh you should not get only one. They are social creatures and can become lonely and depressed if they are alone.

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