Friday, March 28, 2014

Baby Birds Q&A: Found Baby Bird?

baby birds
by visodd

Question by Redboi: Found Baby Bird?
my sister found a baby bird on the street, i suppose it fell out of its nest, it was at a metrostation, so she took it home. me and my siblings are taking care of it, but dont know what to feed it. we’ve been feeding it mealworms, about 2 small ones every hour. i need to know if this okay for a bird, i dont know what species it is, so im sorry i cant specify. if im doing something wrong..please inform me on the proper care for a baby bird, it has its eyes open, but can hardly walk, it has no feathers completely in, only pin feathers. any information would help.please contact immendiately at or ohyes_its underscores included. i really want to take care of this bird..i own domesticated ones…but have no idea how to raise one otherwise.

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Answer by dorton girl
I am so sorry but you should have left it where it was…the momma would come back for it. and feed it as it shuld be fed.some birds eat and regiritate the food…..

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