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Cockatiel Q&A: How do I get my Cockatiel out of her cage?

Question by Glowfox: How do I get my Cockatiel out of her cage?
A week ago I got a cockatiel, I feel thats she has warmed up to the enviorment a bit. But I feel sad for her always being in the cage and she seems so inquisitive and contempt. I really do think though that she should come out and play and interact a bit for us to develop a better relationship (she accepts my presence but not my touch) and for her to know the place better. She is 7 weeks old. And has been clipped. How do I get her to come out and explore?

Best answer:

Answer by Joanne A. W
Tie the door open and leave it that way.

If she is clipped, she cannot fly.

She will poop as she flies around your room/house.

Once she is out, you will have to let her go back to the cage on her own. Don’t try to catch her.

It would be best to leave her in the cage. They are born in cages and that is all they know.

By the way, if she was with several other birds when you bought her, she will probably pine herself to death for the other birds. You might want to get another to keep her company. Ask the clerk at the shop.

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