Monday, September 24, 2012

Finch Bird Feeders Q&A: Bird feeders and seed?

Question by christigmc: Bird feeders and seed?
I’m growing a vegetable garden and for insect control I’m trying to attract birds to my back yard. I have a wooden and glass bird feeder but I don’t think it’s enough. I’ve heard about all those kids projects like using bread and peanut butter or lard but are there ways to make bird feeders that don’t look so child like?
Also what type of bird seed should I use? I found 2 kinds at the store. One is sunflower seeds. The other it says finch food it’s a bunch of tiny seeds.

Best answer:

Answer by Dr. Strangelove
Bird feeders come in hundreds of shapes and sizes. I would start with a cheaper model and see what the birds prefer.
As far as seeds go, I found that black oil seeds attract the most birds to my feeders. I think they are a type of sunflower seed. I buy mine in Wal-mart

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