Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cool Birding images

Check out these birding images:

Free as a bird!

Image by Loving Earth
Day 49

Best seen… Medium sized :)

Today I drove for the first time alone… Well actually that is not stricktly true, but today was the first time I really felt like I was driving on my own! I actually got my license years ago, but have never needed to have a car. Now that I have moved to the US I need to drive. I have been re-learning and practicing for a while now, mostly with my partner by my side but today I felt like I was driving for me. Alone in the car, with music on. For the first time it felt like freedom (not a learning chore). Yay for freedom! Yay for me.

I love the bright colours on this. Not the most flattering selfie, I grant you… but self-portraiture for me is about revealing the different sides of who I am and what I feel (not merely for looking good). Sure if I were a photogenic beauty, I might say otherwise…

Texture from the incredibly talented: ghostbones. Birds from: stromlor. My thanks to both =)

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