Friday, September 28, 2012

cat on baby bird watch

A few nice baby birds images I found:

cat on baby bird watch
baby birds

Image by pixieclipx
Angel has taken our former cat, Jerky, place at baby bird watch. This is a rite of spring. The sparrows make a next under the eaves of the roof every year, and every year one of our cats is on patrol, waiting for the baby bird to fall out, as it always seems to do, and then the cat will swoop down and gobble it up. Well, Jerky left us one day, just up and left. I think getting the dog just pushed him over the edge. First we brought home a couple of cats, then a dog?! That was just too much. Anyway, so now Angel is waiting patiently for her food to drop. Storm is also on watch, from the behind the bushes. I just pruned the palm, (after this photo was taken) so it’s a bit more exposed, but the dead palm fans needed to go.

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