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Bird Identification What are ten markings that help with bird identification?

Question by :]: What are ten markings that help with bird identification?
I’ve already come up with size&shape, color, behavior, habitat, songs$ calls, and field marks. I need at least 4 more!

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Answer by DrJ
First of all, field marks include size and shape, color, etc. So substract field marks from your list.

You forgot distribution (I don’t expect kiwis in North America) and time of year (I don’t expect Robins in the middle of winter in Canada).

You could become a little finer in your id marks…..

Instead of behavior, you could have flight pattern, feeding habits, habitat selection, daily activity (nocturnal/diurnal).

Size is not a good id mark….. in the field you often can’t determine size unless you have two birds. Shape is a good mark but again…. bill size, posture, tail dimensions, wing shape. Number of primary feathers, …..

There are lots of color marks…. wing bars, eye ring, outer tail feathers, rump color, etc.

For research biologists DNA analysis, even from feathers.

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