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Cockatiel How do I make my cockatiel feel at home?

Question by Bayz: How do I make my cockatiel feel at home?
I bought a new pied cockatiel today, he is about 8 weeks old, still a baby, and he will not really do anything. He will just sit there in the cage, and when I try to pet him, he will hiss at me and fly all over the cage. I haven’t seen him eat, but I just got him a few hours ago, I just want to know the best way to make my new pet feel at home. I have another 7 year old boy cockatiel, which I thought would help the bird feel better. What else can I do?

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Answer by hummersathome
Since you have had him for a few hours, give him time. He has to become adjusted to his new environment. Talk to him in a sweet manner and whistle at him. Don’t try to touch him yet. If you are able to leave the cage door open and still keep him safe, do it. Since he is a baby, you have a wonderful opportunity to train him and teach him new things. Good luck to you.

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