Monday, May 28, 2012

Bird Table Pigeon hijacking my bird table/feeder?

Question by Carol1841: Pigeon hijacking my bird table/feeder?
A few weeks ago, I put a bird table in my garden and have had a nice variety of small birds come to it each day including blue tits, robins and blackbirds. For the last week, a fairly large pigeon has decided to take up residence around the garden and as soon as I top up the food on the table, he comes along and sits on the table and takes the food I have left for the smaller birds. While he is around, the smaller birds are not coming onto the table. Is there any way I can discourage it from eating the seed, i.e. should I be buying a particular kind of food? At the moment, I am feeding regular wild bird seen and wild bird peanuts.
Thanks for the useful answers so far. Just to add that I have no intention of killing anything, though I would happily make an exception for certain yahoo members who obviously haven’t got enough homework to do :-)

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Answer by mrphilstuddles
Shoot it. thats what i do with the squirrels.

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