Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Caged Bird Feeders Can you use wild bird feeders for budgies?

Question by James: Can you use wild bird feeders for budgies?
I go away a lot and I was wondering if I can use wild bird feeders in a budgies cage so that there will be plenty of food which will take them a while to go through? Will this work with budgies?


*There must be a reason as to why this isn’t recommended in shops, and why i haven’t heard or seen anyone else do this?

Best answer:

Answer by CHEEKYChicken
I am not sure what you mean by “wild bird feeders”… But, you can get bird feeders at the pet shop that you hang in a aviary. They are large and carry lots of seed, you can get them for water too.

If this is what you mean by a wild bird feeder, I hope this helps! Even if it isn’t what you were thinking of, well, I hope this still helps!

Would it be an idea to give the birds to a friend? Some one you can trust with your birds? Or you could give one of your friends the keys to the house or something and just ask them to change the food and water once a week or something…

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