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List Of Birds Bird Import/Export Questions?

Question by Eliz Aisling: Bird Import/Export Questions?
In September I will be traveling from the US to Canada (Nova Scotia, specifically) and will be taking my pet dove with me. I have done a lot of research and understand most of the requirements, but I still have a couple of questions. I have emailed an official-type person regarding these but they aren’t always fast at getting back so… perhaps someone here will be able to answer my questions.

I’ve read that you have to travel out of a “designated port” if you have wildlife (according to the FWS my bird is considered wildlife, because she is not listed as one of their recognized captive-bred species). But since she does not need to be inspected at the airport before departure – only upon arrival – why do I still have to travel out of a designated port?

Also, when I come back into the US with her, I realize she will have to be inspected upon entering the country. But when you fly to the US from the airport in Halifax, you go through US customs there, BEFORE you get on the plane (they have a US customs station there). Does that mean she has to be inspected there? Because there is no way for them to enforce me getting her inspected once I arrive in the US, since I can just get my bags and go, as I will have already been through customs.

Also, when I apply for an import permit from the USDA, do I list myself as both the importer and the exporter, since she is not going to anyone else?

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Answer by Rona Lachat
You are the exporter and IMPORTER . US CUSTOMS is at the Halifax Airport they can decide NOT to let your BIRD on to the plane. It could be sent in a restricted manner requiring inspection by USDA you would be free to take your LUGGAGE and leave the AIRPORT on arrival. The BIRD would not.READ the procedures for importing birds it is explained very well what the procedure is.
SHIPPING from a designated PORT is a PORT that has inspection facilities. By using another PORT you now need further INSPECTION and the bird could be refused entry.SHIPPED BACK to where it came from and then USDA would need to deal with it AGAIN. In order to do that the bird would first go back where it came from then would need to get to an inspector at some other place. By that time your bird could be in serious distress. It would not be Customs or USDA’s responsibility to DOVE sit because of this.YOU would be charged FEES for the care of BIRD the daily rates are high.
WHY? because those are the rules to ease import complications.
Not every border inspector is trained on BIRDS inspectors that are trained are in certain places. You go to the inspector the inspector does not come to you.
FOLLOW the rules and this is an easy procedure that is quick during transport. If you wish not to follow the rules you risk seizure and destruction of your bird.By either CANADIAN or US officials.
WHY the rules? To reduce trade in endangered species. Poaching of rare birds, Disease transmission are a few of the reasons.

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