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Goldfinch How do I attract goldfinches and not house finches?

Question by horror_james: How do I attract goldfinches and not house finches?
Hi! I feed house finches and recently put up a finch sock with nyjer seed. Lesser goldfinches started showing up. Unfortunately they are often pushed out of the way by the larger house finches. I provide sunflower seeds nearby for the house finches but there are a few who just seem to prefer the finch sock. Is there a food or a feeder that could help me attract only goldfinches and not house finches? Thanks.

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Answer by ms bell
Goldfinches love to bathe, so put a bird bath close to where your feeder is located. Goldfinches like tube seed feeders with small holes and several feeding ports. Bigger birds aren’t able to feed from these kind of feeders. Goldfinches enjoy thistle seeds, as well as the sunflower and niger seeds. Some plants that will attract goldfinches to your yard are zinnias, globe thistle, and bee balm.

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