Monday, June 23, 2014

Finches Parakeet/finch question? Please help!?

Question by someone: Parakeet/finch question? Please help!?
I currently have two zebra finches.
I like them and they’re fun to watch and stuff, but I kinda want something I could bond with now.
In other words, a parakeet.
Now my question is:
Would a parakeet bond with the finches instead of me?
I have two separate cages so the parakeet would be in one, the finches in the other.
They would be in different areas of the room and unable to see each other.
But they could still hear each other…
So like…would my parakeet bond with noises instead of me?

Best answer:

Answer by ms bell
Parakeets and finches won’t bond to each other. I have three parakeets and two zebra finches and the parakeets don’t care about the finches, the finches don’t care about the parakeets. The finches are in my bedroom, while the parakeets are in the next room. The only thing I can say about the noise is that in the morning if my zebra finches hear my parakeets, they will start beeping. Other than that, they tend to ignore each other. The zebra finches will stay bonded to one another. One parakeet will bond to you. Spend time with it, talk to it, and take the time to finger tame it. If you buy a parakeet that has been hand-fed, you’ll have a much better chance at having a social bird that will enjoy sitting on your finger and will bond closely to you.

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