Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Female Brown-Headed Cowbird, Feeding

A few nice types of birds images I found:

Female Brown-Headed Cowbird, Feeding
types of birds

Image by jpmatth
from wikipedia: "This bird is a brood parasite: it lays its eggs in the nests of other small passerines (perching birds), particularly those that build cup-like nests.
It seems that Brown-headed Cowbirds periodically check on their eggs and young after they have deposited them. Removal of the parasitic egg may trigger a retaliatory reaction termed "mafia behavior". According to a study by the Florida Museum of Natural History published in 2007, the cowbird returned to ransack the nests of a range of host species in 56% of the time when their egg was removed. In addition, the cowbird also destroyed nests in a type of "farming behavior" to force the hosts to build new ones. The cowbirds then laid their eggs in the new nests 85% of the time."

Grey Crowned Crane (MY FIRST EXPLORED)
types of birds

Image by AamerJaved
My first ever EXPLORED. YAYYY #220

There were quite a few of these guys at the zoo. and were really colorful and beautiful.
I could easily move around them, as they were out and about.

Does anyone know what type of birds these are?

Do not tell me it is a peacock ! (it is not)

UPDATE: Thanks to mpgoodey in identifying this bird.

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