Monday, June 2, 2014

Cockatiel Birds I REALLY want a cockatiel! Are they good pet birds?

Question by ilovehorsies: I REALLY want a cockatiel! Are they good pet birds?
I am a beginner bird owner, never owned one. But I have been researching. I need to know EVERYTHING on them… What they can and can’t eat, are they smelly, how often you have to clean their cage? Also I know about budgies but I really want a cockatiel I want a bird that will cuddle. Also are they loud? I can’t get one unless it isn’t like screaming and squawking all the time… but I know all birds get noisy at times. Also are they loud at night and early morning? Is it ok if they are left alone for 8-10 hours? Not every day, but I will spend A LOT of time with the bird!

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Answer by IcyPeng
I think a good beginning bird is a parakeet, but if you REALLY want one, I can tell you a few things.

They need a big flight cage. They like being together. Try feeding them pellets instead of seeds.

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