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Bird Feeding Small wild bird feeding help?

Question by Haley F: Small wild bird feeding help?
i found a small bird in my backyard and took it in to try to nurse it back to health. it didnt seem to be very active and a little lathargic. i gave it water, it drank, and it seems a little more active. it keeps chirping and opening its mouth like it is hungry but it doesnt eat the fruit and seeds that we give it. how and what do i feed it?

also: i left a message for the wildlife bird refuge so dont think i am trying to hold it hostage.

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Answer by Moira D
Don’t give it worms as I don’t know what type of bird it is and some baby birds can’t have worms.
I am not a bird expert but like many people I have tried to nurse the occasional bird to health. At the moment I have a deformed sparrow that I picked up as a baby wet and shivering on the footpath. I had no idea he was deformed – he can now fly and perch but he is not quick and coordinated enough to survive in the wild. Point I’m making is this is the first wild bird I’ve found and managed to keep alive and well because he was strong enough to eat and I gave him suitable food. He is 7 months old now.
Bird experts told me to crush up cat biscuits and wet them. I almost force fed him to begin with, but then he began to open his beak and lunge for the food. I got a wooden iceblock stick and carved the end a bit narrower to put the food on. It seems to go quite far down the bird’s throat so make sure you have sanded the wood smooth.
Cat food has protein and minerals for the bird.
Keep him warm if he isn’t fully feathered.

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