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Bird Feeder Bird baths & Bird Feeders??

Question by Creative Memories: Bird baths & Bird Feeders??
Hi There!

Spring is here and I have been cleaning up my front yard. I have been thinking of getting a bird bath (s) and some bird feeders to put around my front yard. I have looked around at some stores and found them pricey ($ 25-100.00!!! ) I was wondering if anybody has found them in stores or online cheaper or if they had or know of a way to making them cheaply. ( Please make it easy! Not to handy!) All I want is for the bird feeders and baths to look nice not tacky!!
Any suggestions or ideas would be helpful!
Cottonwood, CA

Best answer:

Answer by ayflau
get some terracotta pots (3) & glue the together … bottom one facing up, next one facing down, next one facing up … get a plate or a water catcher you’d usually put on the bottom & put on the top … ta da … a bird bath …
= )

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